Huan-Jan Michael Fu

HIH Adult 2nd Year Student

Hey, one proud badger, always up for some adventure when needed!

  • Joined December 2016
  • Member of Hufflepuff
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  • 2nd Year
  • United States


Name: Huan-Jan Michael Fu Bloodline: Muggleborn Wizard Real Birth: 06/25/1980 (Taipei, Taiwan)ROC) Reside: Northern Virginia Sexuality: Straight Parents Occupation: Bai-Jou, a computer programmer, and Mary Fu, a housewife Sibling: younger sister(Katherine), a Environmental Scientist @ Denver, CO. for her Graduate. Hobbies: Photography, traveling, reading and writing, listen to music and etc. due to my moods and seasons Quidditch Position: Chaser for the sub team(Hufflepuff- 2nd Year--HIH 1st Year) Favorite HIH Courses: Charms(1st year), Care of Magical Creature(2nd Year--HIH 1st Year), Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration(1st and 2nd year), Ancient Runes(2nd and 3rd year or HIH 1st and 2nd Year), Magical Transportation(2nd and 3rd year or HIH 1st and 2nd Year), Muggle Study(3rd and 4th year or HIH 2nd Year) and History of Magic(Career) Pets: Ice Fox name Artic Flare(Stay as only pet to be with me since adoption), Tabby Cat name Callisto(give away to my younger sister in the Summer 2018), and three chicks(give-away to muggle family in the Spring 2018)), along with my Immawolf! (Which I give away in the Summer 2018) Magical Creatures(from Rose Bell): Elven male teen and female adult, now gain there freedom to live in the dark forest, since Autumn 2017. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Llvermony: Thunderbird Hogwarts Is Here Website: Discover by online search on December 17th, 2016 Courses Year Date: (First Round) 1st Year--December 17th, 2016 2nd Year--February 26th, 2017 3rd Year--September 4th, 2017 4th Year--January 16th, 2018 (Second Round) 1st Year--December 21, 2019 Wand Criterias: Ebony wood Unicorn hair core 10" in length Unbending flexibility My Patronus: Capuchin Monkey Aspiration Dream Job(s): MAGIZOOLOGIST or LIBRARIAN


Basic IG: 

Bloodline: Muggleborn

House: Hufflepuff

Wand:  Ebony Wood Unicorn Hair Core 10" in length Unbending flexiblity

My Patronus: Capuchin Monkey

Aspiration Dream Job(s): Magizoologist or Liberian


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