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Lonely is healing if you make it. I'm a very proud Griff with a very soft heart. I don't have an Occamy smuggled in my back pocket right now, you do.

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Wow. Where to begin? Im already a fifth year, and I still sometimes question whether the train is coming or not. I don't like to think about my past a lot. It's nothing interesting, really. Born and, well, I guess raised in New York, my father fled in the dead of winter because he... well, he thought I was evil. Hah, do you have any idea how that feels? Your own father believing you were born evil? Anyways. My caretaker Randsac, who was always more like a mother than my real mom, always away at work, used to say that my eyes always shone green when I felt something passionately, though I never said it. I know this may indicate Slytherin, but... aw, just wait a moment. I used to beg Randsac to fly me away to another country, to wherever my father went, so he could teach me magic and I could argue my way into his heart, show him that I'm not even... I was always good at that. Arguing. Back to the topic. Randsac was an Occamy. One year before I would have gotten my Ilvermony letter, things, well, things changed. Mom, my human mom, would begin to come home itching her left arm. When I asked to see if she had a rash, since I have an issue with putting other people before myself, she screamed at me for a solid ten minutes. When she was through, I was on the ground, sobbing, and she with spit on her face. Occamy would have to fit small in my hands so I could keep her close to me without mother seeing . Eventually, within 2 months, her behaviors got worse, and she would start cussing at me, and she'd take out this belt and... anyways, lets just say my eyes started gleaming so much that my hair didn't even look brown anymore, just a shiny green. One night, under Randsac's furocious opposition, I crept across our Manhattan apartment to her room. She lay fast asleep with her left arm under a pillow. I creaked to her bedside, fearing my death if she woke up, and lifted the pillow to reveal her forearm. There lies the last thing I had ever expected to see; a black snake tattoo, one that in my second year at Hogwarts I would identify as a Death Eater's mark. Though you know who was dead since Harry Potter destroyed him, some truly evil men and women still had hope in his return. Not understanding, I let out a yelp, and, long story short, mom woke up, vowed to murder me, and while searching for her wand, was tossed out the window by none other than Randsac.
Vicious scene, I know. I don't know if my mother survived or not, becuse my Occamy was already screatching that I pack my things in her native tongue. I did. 4 months prior my eleventh birthday, I was on a huge and slippery back flying high over some ocean in the dead of night. I remember pushing curly hair aside and asking where we were going; she said to my father. Once I arrived at his doorstep and Randsac vowed not to leave me, I was prepared to give a passionate, cold hearted, and demanding speech. But when the door opened and in front of me stood a tall man with glowing green eyes, I fell to my feet and began to... sob, okay? I cried. It was my dad. I thought he'd yell at me to leave, saying I was evil. But much to my dismay, he got to his knees, lifted my chin, and began to cry too.
As I said, nothing that interesting.
Dad, Randsac, and I didn't sleep the whole night. Dad explained that he always knew mom was the evil one, but she threatened to kill me if he didn't leave after I was born. Being forced to remeet your father isn't all fun and games, but, we make it work. I got my acceptance letter that February, got dubbed a natural Gryffindor despite my Hufflpuff and Slytherin parents, made a wonderful group of 8 friends, and take Randsac with me every year. But don't tell anyone I said that, the only guy who knows is this one teacher I haven't had yet, Hagrid. He tells me these stories when my friends and I go to his hut at night of Harry's year. Everyone says I remind them of Harry. And Randsac? I'm pretty sure she's found another Occamy flying around somewhere she's taken a liking to, though she refuses to tell me. I don't really know what I want to do once I leave yet, but no matter what it is, and even if people do make fun of me for my American accent, I'm along for the ride.
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