Camryn Ashford


"Wizards aren't the only source of magic , there's nothing more magical than the power of thought."-My mom, Isabella Hernandez.

  • Joined November 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 47 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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Name: Camryn Ashford

Favorite colors: Green , hotpink (not in cloths or anything just the aesthetic of it i suppose.)

Gender: Female


House: Slytherin

Birthday: October 31st

Sign: Scorpio

Patronus: Rattlesnake Lol

Personality: Anti-social , sassy , independent.

Pets: A screech owl by the name of Owlette (had her since i was young..) and a gray cat named Charlie.

Wand :Rowan wood, dragon heartstring core, 13 1/4" with slightly yielding flexibility.

Cam (everyone)
Cami (only Tulip, but I'm not fond of it)
Ryn (only tulip , but I'm not fond of it.)

Backstory and my mission: My moms names is Isabella Hernandez and is from Spain , she's a muggle. My dads name is Zorak Ashford and he's from London, he's a pureblood. They are divorced. I'm Camryn Ashford a halfblood. Most of my childhood I lived with my mother in London. My mother is an inventor but she does her best to educate me on wizardry though she can't teach me much because she's a muggle herself. She invented the Q.S.W.H. (Quick sling wand holster.) It allows you to pull your wand out super quick, she made it for my father when they were together. I don't know much about my dad , but on the rare occasion when I see him he teaches me about wizardry and dueling , he has mastered the art of magical duels and spells. From what I heard he was a underground dueling champion. He used to send me letters .He writes to me about the things he seen and what he has eaten when he visits somewhere. Eventually the letter sending stopped and the last thing he told me was that he's going to visit a friend in hogwarts. When I got a letter to go to Hogwarts my mom didn't want me to go and continued to list other wizard schools I could go to. I had to go to hogwarts to find my father though I knew I were going to make my mother upset, the night before July 31st I gave my mom a kiss , hid a letter for her to eventually find saying I love her and I'm sorry but I have to do this and I now begin my journey at Hogwarts to find my father, Zorak. I did take one of the Q.S.WH. and a couple other of my mothers prototypes.

About my Friend Tulip Harthane: She's a hufflepuff , yup I'm friends with a HUFFLEPUFF. She's very well , loud and talks quite fast it's hard to understand her sometimes. She loves to give me nicknames for no reason and she wants me to call her bubbles but I'm not , it's dumb. Her parents are terrible parents , so as you can tell she is polar opposite from them. She has fair skin, blonde hair , she has brown eyes and is a bit overweight , she's also SO ENERGETIC. She is Pansexual.

About my friend Athen Thoth: He's a ravenclaw and is good at potions! He's sarcastic but layed back. His parents push him way to much but he doesn't have the motivation to any additional studying, though he is NATRUALLY smart. He is pale , black hair and brown eyes. He is Gay.

My favorite song dude: <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>

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