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Hi! I'm Ginny Weasley. Seems you stumbled upon my wall! Read my backstory and post anything u want. Owl me anytime!
Christmas soon!

<summary>Full name</summary>
Ginnevra Molly Weasley

I'm tough and brave, I'm also a kind and really funny. I do have a soft side too.

A pygmy puff called Arnold and 5 crups(dogs): Mike, Jane, Fluffy, Puffy and lickon.


Some pics of me here too

Red hair
Blue eyes
White skin


Gin, Gins, Meeps. Feel free to make your own one! Also Jes makes a loooooooottt of nicknames for me so if you want one ask her.

Harry Potter


Ronald Weasley(brother), Fred Weasley(brother), George Weasley(brother), Percy Weasley(Brother), Charlie Weasley(Brother), Bill Weasley(brother), Molly Weasley(Mother), Arthur Weasley(Father).



Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, Ronald Weasley(brother too), Luna Lovegood, Quinn Davis, Ammendara Brown, Merlina Brown, Audrey Malfoy, Ron Potter, Alexa Maria, Cathy Granger, Amelie Potter, Avril Hawthorne, Dawn, Shaira Chang, Alicia Warrington, Ariana Malfoy, Jessica Malfoy, Queen Viola, Chevy the royal queen, Martina Granger, nine tails, Olivia Potter, Sinara Snape, Matea, Lily, pinky34, Claire Likens, The Science Crew, Marley Lupin, Isabelle Potter,Thasmin Weasley, Julieta Black, Rosabella Black, Mal, Gee, Viola Malfoy, Jess Granger, Snow_White, Jane Collins, Faith, Lety Malfoy, Yenuki Gallage, Axel, Chloe Malfoy, Jennifer Grande, Amelia Slytherin, Harper Granger, Jane, Susan Pevensie, Cedric Diggory, MARIA, Audrey(acc terminated), Tomoko, Sadie Sink, lu, Calaena Sardothien.
Post on my wall if I forgot you.
A few pics of me and my friends
Me and Harry

Me and Hermionie

Ron and me

Luna and me

Jes and me

Quinn and me

Thas and me

Hi viola and Yenuki! if ur reading this then I'm rlly sry I can't find a pic of us.
Btw this is only 4 my closest friends sooo yeah



Going on adventures
Hanging out with Harry, Ron and Hermionie.
Talking to Luna
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Pranking people with Quinn, Fred and George
idk maybe talking??


<summary>Blood status</summary>

<summary>Wand details</summary>
14inches, Yew wood, Thestral hair




Tom Riddle
Harry dying

<summary>HATES(I MEAN HATE)</summary>
Draco Malfoy
Justin Bieber

11 August

<summary>Muggle likes<summary>
Sports(weell I'm a sporty person, what can I say?)
Hp books and movies(ofc)
Listening to songs like ignite and be happy
Tik tok

To all of of you haters out there, three simple words: I.DON'T.CARE
I'm Vegan, so if it's my birthday, eggless cakes!
PS: if u follow me I'll follow u back when I see so, yep do it.
Also, as soon as we follow each other, I'll add you to my friends list as soon as I can!
Bye! Catcha later!
Will be updated soon!

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