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- -Name: Serafina Evergreen

- -Age: 17

- -Gender: Female

- -Sexuailty: Asexual/Bisexual

- -Personality: Serafina has a very outgoing persona about things that don't hold her back, but she won't hesitate to put you in your place if you screw up. If anything happens she’ll always try to find the science behind something before saying it's magic. Once in her life you've got to be prepared for the long haul cuz she's not going to let. She was a naturally happy person and love’s everyone who entered her life.

- -Name: Asra

- -Age: 17

- -Gender: Non-binary

- -Sexuailty: Pansexual

- -Personality: Asra is pretty shy and won’t go out of their way to talk to people. They enjoy his time alone but will like to be around people they are close with at times. They love magic and will go on rants about it for hours at end. They get attached to people very easily so they choose to not interact with people. But they will always be there for you when you truly need it.

- -Name: Ash Phoenix

- -Age:17

- -Gender: Male

- -Sexuailty: Bisexual

- -Personality: Ash is a strong willed person who likes to get things done fast, He doesn't like to have things drag on and will cut to the chase when needed. He's kind and even when he doesn't want to, He prefers to be alone and spend time in the forest reading. He's extremely proactive over his friends and wont put up with anyone who hurts them, They also have a tendency to tease people and likes seeing them get flustered. Though Ash isn't one to blush easily he likes keeping his feeling under wraps.

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