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Enjoy life while it lasts, because one day nothing will exist and nothing will never become something better then nothing. Life will become empty.

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Name: Rylie Dahlia Quince
Gender: Female
Age: Yeeaaahhh no solid pass
Nicknames: Riles(everyone), Ry (everyone),Ry Ry (Ask first). Ranch (Cordelia). I’m open to more ideas.
Sexuality: Ace & Lesbian
Relationship status: Single
Blood status: Half blood
Likes: Writing stories, ANIMALS, cooking and baking, middle school, reading, It movies, eating burnt food, Disney, Marvel and Dc, Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, Star Wars.
Dislikes: People who use me for their own personal benefits, sparking water, MAKEUP, chocolate, being to hot or being to cold, soda, sexism, racism, homophobics, xenophobics, classism.

As you can plainly see I’m not a girly girl. And I like people to be excepted as they are not what they can be. Especially if it’s something they can’t control.

Background information
I never really knew my mother or my father. They were both in Azkaban, so I was an orphan. I was adopted when I was three and the family was terrible. They hated me, they made me sleep in the attic. Which sounds like a good thing when the attic’s finished. The instillation is all over the place, falling at random moments during the night.
So I couldn’t get any sleep because I was constantly worried that it would fall on me. I was constantly beaten and constantly had to sleep outside. Cleaning litter boxes and scraping dead skin off their heels. But one day child protective services showed up and told me I had family in London. I packed my stuff up and followed them out the door.
I never been out side of Scotland before, I was only seven. The house was beautiful, small but still very pretty. I lived with my Grandparents and my cousin. The house was much bigger on the inside than the outside. My cousin,(Margaret), and I slept together. We both got accepted into Hogwarts, but she’s a Ravenclaw. She looked up why my name meant and thought for sure I’d be in Gryffindor. I told she can’t rely on the books all the time. And she looked at me like it was the biggest offense in the world.

People said it was a phase. And they were right. Being pans was a now I’m lesbian


More about moi

Patronus: Leopard
Zodiac sign: Libra ♎️
I do enjoy the rain, it’s very calming.
Favorite movies: Suicide Squad, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Captain America: Winter soldier, Nerve, It.
Favorite tv series: Modern Family
Favorite books: Harry Potter, One of us is lying series, Orphan Queen, The Glare, Nerve.
Favorite animal: Cassowaries ( it’s a bird)
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite color: Red and blue.
Best friends on HIH: Rachel LeStrange Malfoy. She’s super nice and sweet. Cordelia S. She’s funny and a total weirdo gotta love her.
(If I forgot anyone let me know)
Something else about me, I really love when the power goes out. (Don’t ask why I just do and I really have no idea why so I can’t really give you an answer if you asked).
My pet peeves is I hate when people smack whenever they eat food, I hate when people say something they already know and repeat it over and over and over again (like I heard you the first thousand times you said it), I hate when people tell me stuff I already know and then keep telling me.
That was some information about moi (I’m not a very exciting person I know) and I’ll probably keep updating often if my brain wants to work with me.
And one more thing that is very, very important
Have a nice day/night :)
Au revoir les peuples
(Goodbye peoples)
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