Cappuccino Rainbow~Gone

Goodbye, I am gone

βσиʝσʋя ωαℓℓ ƨтαℓκɛяƨ! Ɩ'м α ℓιттℓɛ cяαʓʏ ωнαт'ƨ ʏσʋя ρσιит?I Иσβσ∂Ƴ ιƧ иѲямΔℓ

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<summary>About Me</summary>
Name: <font color=#ff0000>C</font><font color=#f02a0e>a</font><font color=#e2531c>p</font><font color=#d47a2a>p</font><font color=#c69d38>u</font><font color=#b8bc46>c</font><font color=#aad655>c</font><font color=#9bea63>i</font><font color=#8df771>n</font><font color=#7ffe7f>o</font> <font color=#63f69b>R</font><font color=#55e7aa>a</font><font color=#46d3b8>i</font><font color=#38b8c6>n</font><font color=#2a98d4>b</font><font color=#1c74e2>o</font><font color=#0e4df0>w</font>
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Looks: Long dark brown hair and sometimes wears black glasses

Blood Status: ??? Not sure since I'm an orphan

Animagus Form: Kneazle (Looks like a cat) (UNREGISTERED, shhhhh)

Patronus: Husky Dog

Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Reading, and Watching Disney+ (XD)

Amortentia: Rain, Coffee, Watermelon, Chocolate.

Sexuality: Straight


Cappy (anyone)
Capp (anyone)
Capo (anyone)
Capsy (Ask!)
Cinny (Paisley only)
Rainbow Frappe (Paisley only)
Cappy Wappy (Araminta Clagg only)
Rainy (Hermione Black only)
Rain (Ravenstar only)
Bow (Luna Elizabeth Erudite only)
Any others just ask! I love getting nicknames :)


Caramel The Kneazle

Nougat the Kneazle Pup

Peanut the Kneazle Pup

Bloom the Hedgehog

Dusty the Owl

Edmon the Owl

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Color: Blue

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Jupiter

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aries

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21

Date range: November 22 - December 21

Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor

Weaknesses: Promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic

Sagittarius likes: Freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoors

Sagittarius dislikes: Clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details

Classes I've finished: CoMC

Best Classes: CoMC and DADA

Worst Classes: Herbology and Astronomy

Favorite Classes: CoMC and DADA

Grades (So Far):
CoMC (Care of Magical Creatures): 89%-E

<summary>My Accounts</summary>
I'm part of a shared account with Hermione Black and Araminta Clagg. :)

And one with Paisley
(Link coming soon)

I was born to my mum and my dad (Who else would it be?). They couldn't take care of me so I was dropped off at an orphanage. I wasted years there until I was 7 and a couple came by. They immediately chose me and asked what my name was. The lady claimed she didn't know, and they had been calling me Cappuccino for years since I loved them. They asked about my last name, and she had the same thing to say, they didn't know. But they didn't care and took me home anyway. I stubbornly refused to be called anything else but Cappuccino, so it stuck. Their surname was Rainbow, so I took it. They lived on a farm, which in my opinion, was my true home. I fit right in with all the animals. When I turned 11, I received a letter from Hogwarts, saying I was a witch. First, I thought it was a joke, but then I realized it was real. When I finally arrived at Hogwarts, I was very hard to sort. I remember the Sorting Hat said that I seemed to fit all the houses. After a few minutes, he finally decided on Gryffindor.


Paisley~ Gave me one of my nicknames, Cappy. Super nice and sweet and fun to talk too :) One of my BEST friends

Δяαмιитα Ɔℓαɢɢ - Another one of my friends, nice to talk to, AWESOME

Ashanti Pavlova- Is super nice, and I love to talk to her! She is the author of really good HP ship books!

$Trinity Pearl$ ~ Gave me my most popular nickname, and is super nice!! Also a good author and super POSITIVE

Aloha- Lolo! She is super nice and fun! She owns an awesome Cafe! I can't tell you how many times we have cracked each other up XD #Lolothemonkey

Hermione Black- Is always there for you. A great friend. I can talk to her about anything :) MIMIIII

Luna Elizabeth Erudite- She is so nice and I work with her at Luna's Book Cafe! She is so kind and I know I can trust her!

If you aren't following these people, FOLLOW THEM NOWWW

<summary>Me and my friends</summary>

The Starbuck Sistas! (Me, Araminta Clagg, and Hermione Black)

Me and Hermione Black

Me and Araminta Clagg

Me and Paisley (Credits to me, formally Lily Bee and formally Vivi)

Me and Paisley (Credits to her, formally Lily Bee and formally Vivi)

resize photo for facebook online

Me and AlohaPotion

Me and Triny (Formally Libs)

<summary>What my friends say about me</summary>

Paisley: It's interesting how much power a book can have. Enough to make to people who have never met each other best friends in like an hour. Sounds impossible right? Well, that's possible with Cappy over here! Or many of you may know her as Cappuccino Rainbow. She makes everything fun. Like, no kidding. My brain just died a few hours ago, but when I talked with her, I even forgot I was feeling that way! She's an amazing friend, and you will agree too. <3. ~ Paisley

Capp. Cuppu. Cappucino Rainbow. Oh, God. This Gurl is a jar of joy everywhere she goes. I was like that before-ehm jerks. ANYWAYS. She is amazing, Optimistic, Fun, funny, and all that fun stuff!! She checks in on you when you might be thinking "everyone has forgotten me!!!". She is someone you need in YOUR life. Love, Trins! ~ Trinity Pearl

Hi Rainbow! I think you are so positive that you make the world a better place. You are like a unicorn in human form. I think you make HIH a better place! I hope you have a happy Friday as well. ~Audrey Hering

CAPPY WAPPY! She knows what fun is. My life would have been rlly tedious and pointless if she wasn't born! EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW HER N O W!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya, Minty ~ Araminta Clagg


<summary>Pictures By Me</summary>


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