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Hi! Welcome to my wall! Read my Backstory to find out more about me!

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Full Name: Jenny Minnie Weasley-Bell

Nicknames: Jen (anyone), Ginny (ask!) (Jenny Ginny get it), Minnie (ask!), Any more just ask

Family: Fred Weasley (Dad), Katie Bell (Mom)

House: Hufflepuff (GryffinPuff at heart)

Personality: Brave, Smart, Kind, Fearless

Appearance: Long red hair like dad, hazel eyes, and freakles around nose.

Patronus: Weasel

Quidditch Role: Chaser

Ellie Smith- You are a true Ravenclaw! You are super smart, and funny! I love doing role-plays with you!

Daisy Weasley- You are super nice and helpful! I can tell you will do anything for your friends! ( Also my cousin!)

Elizabeth Black- You are super nice and a good friend! You are always their for me!

If your not mentioned, I probably forgot! Just owl me if your weren't included. Or if you're not here it's because I am still editing this.

To learn more about me, read my biography! It's updated almost daily, so add it to your bookshelf!:

I work as a manager at the WPB,

I also am co-manager at Future Weasley Prank Shop

Pets: (I have a lot)

Grace (Cat)

Viola (Cat)

Barnie and Buff (Cats)

community foundation for greater new haven

Aerra (Raven)

Flake (Snowy Owl)

One on the bottom: Grayson
One who's all black: Shiny
One who's on top of Shiny: Hazelnut (Nut)
One who's black, brown, and white: Calico (Cal)
(All Nifflers)

Blue (Occamy)

They were all adopted at HAAC! (Except for Flake, Blue, and the Nifflers)

A funny meme:
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