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Hi. Haven't been on here in forever. When I write this, it's April 7th 2023. Can't guarantee i'll be on a lot since i've lost interest.

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I probably won't be here much now, but i'll be writing on Quotev-

As of 2024, I'm not much on either site. There's just too much going on, so I understand if you haven't been active as well. Thanks everyone who roleplayed with me during 2019-2021, those were some fun years.

Andrew Potter Age- Depends on roleplay Birthday- Depends on the roleplay as well. Appearance- Looks very similar to his brother, Harry Potter, though he doesn't have a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Blue Eyes House- Hufflepuff Usually, though it depends if it is HP or not. Likes- Hanging with friends, Quidditch, Snowball fights (lol), Reading, being outdoors Dislikes- Bullies, lots and lots of homework, arguments When me and Harry got our letters and were able to actually read them, it was quite a surprise. How could we even be wizards? And what is "Hogwarts"? Once we got to Hogwarts and the Sorting began, I was nervous as well. Harry got Gryffindor just by asking not to be in Slytherin, and I didn't say anything at all, I was too nervous. "HUFFLEPUFF!" yeah, I thought I might be in Gryffindor too, but nope... 

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge [Official Music Video] - YouTube- In my opinion this is a great song, you don't have to agree with me of course

btw this is a good song


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