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<font face="The Girl Next Door">Muggle-born witch that was born in America, but my grandmother and I moved to Europe for career opportunities. Was open and friendly, but went away for a bit and came back cold and standoffish. Is 18, and wants to live my life, my way. Was sorted into Slytherin and my grandmother was a bit concerned, as she view Slytherins to be cruel and nasty because of the past that my grandmother has learned. Wanted me to be in Hufflepuff. Is an only child. Struggles with dark thoughts, anxiety, loneliness, body-image issues, low self esteem and very often, anger. My mother and father passed in an car accident when I was 5.

♤Hair: Dark Brown
♤Eyes: Light Amber
♤Height: 5'6"
♤Build: Naturally Curvy, Medium Build
♤Race: Half Black
♤Middle Name: Viola
♤Clothing Style: Slytherin Uniform, Retro, Casual
♤Hair Style: Naturally Curly
♤Personality: Was very sweet and kind. Is now bitchy and cold but can warm up with time
♤Relationship: Single
♤Sexuality: Pansexual
♤Age: 18
♤Birth Date: August 24th (my actual birthday)
♤Wand: Cypress wood with a Phoenix core feather 12 ½" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
♤Patronus: Irish Wolfhound
♤Boggart: Drowning, Pitch Black Darkness
♤Mirror of Erised: Her mother and father
♤Amortentia: Clean Linen, Lemon, Old Books, and Fresh Coffee
♤Personal Friends: None Currently
♤Face Claim (will change): Paola Locatelli

♤please no asterisks (*sighs*)
♤third person
♤no speaking or acting anything out for my character
♤try and match my sentence length, give me something to respond to

{but please dont be afraid to owl me to start an rp, or just comment onto a starter that I have posted. As long as you followed the rules, I will reply as soon as possible}

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