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When I had gotten my Hogwarts acceptance letter, I wasn't expecting this! Everything came hauling at me full speed. One minute I was studying up on what Hogwarts was and the next I'm at Ollivanders and Gringotts! While it has been a lot for me— someone with Muggle parents— it's been extremely exciting, but daunting.


Name ~ Devereaux (DEH-veh-roe) Lina Miller

Nicknames ~ Evereaux (EH-veh-roe), Ro, Dev

Birthday ~ September 18

Hometown ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Astrological Sign ~ Virgo

Nationality ~ American

Gender ~ Female

Blood Status ~ Muggle-born

Orientation ~ Bisexual


Height ~ 4’10

Skin Tone ~ Almond-chestnut brown

Eye color ~ Light brown

Hair ~ Coily, medium brown hair down to shoulders

Extra ~ Has two beauty marks under left eye

Outfit ~ When not donning her school uniform, Devereaux can sometimes be found wearing bright and/or pastel colored skirts paired with complimenting leggings. Most times, she is found in slacks or denim jeans. Her tops often consist of solid, varying colors peplum tops, t-shirts, blouses, or oversized sweatshirts.


Wand ~ Cypress wood with a Phoenix core feather 10" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

Patronus ~ Dragonfly

Favorite Class ~

Best Class (Y1) ~ N/A

Worst Class (Y1) ~ N/A

About Devereaux Miller

Personality ~ Intelligent, but easily distracted, Devereaux always does her best to stay on top of her work and finish it to the best of her abilities—even though she procrastinates to a great extent. One thing that her friends might notice is that she can be passionate about quite a few subjects, sometimes leading to her being disobedient.
When she’s not too busy worrying over her assignments and homework, Devereaux can be found buried in a book or drawing on spare parchment paper (a really bad habit she needs to break!).

Occupation ~ Student at Hogwarts

Likes ~ Cool, rainy forests are her favorites. Thunderstorms make her energetic and light rainstorms calm her. Ambient music of various genres and styles motivates her and inspires her to do her best in whatever she’s working on. She also wholly enjoys learning about various plants in the both Muggle and Wizard worlds.

Dislikes ~ Despite being a summer baby and a resident from the southern U.S., Devereaux thoroughly HATES the summer. Bugs are her worst enemies and summer makes the situation worse.

Fears ~ Bugs, enough said. Well, she also is afraid of tight spaces, being a failure, and getting poor or lower on assignments.

Hobbies ~ Devereaux has a knack for drawing, sketching, and coloring, a hobby she’s been doing since she was in diapers. Not only that, but when she’s back in Louisiana, she plays her violin and piano. Studying has now become one of her all-time hobbies ever since going to Hogwarts. Another hobby she has picked up ever since attending Hogwarts is gardening.

Strengths ~ Burst studying, keeping a journal of notes and diary entries, being optimistic

Weaknesses ~ Staying focused for long periods of time, making friends, tending to be overambitious, being a perfectionist


Father ~ Pierre Miller isn’t always there for his daughter due to his career, but she thinks fondly of him. He is a stern but forgiving, old-fashioned but open-minded, laidback but enthusiastic individual. But now that Devereaux is at Hogwarts most of the time and he doesn’t always have time to write to her, they aren’t as close as before.

Mother ~ Ashanti Miller née Omenma, a bold, daring, and ambitious woman, has a strained but frankly loving relationship with Devereux. Her mother’s upbringings and behavior has caused the small wedge. Sometimes they’ll argue and ignore each other for days. Despite this, they love each other dearly and will support each other regardless. And ever since finding out about Devereaux’s magical abilities, Mrs. Miller has done her best to look out for her daughter and give her advice, mending and strengthening the bond.

Siblings ~ 4; Maeve Miller (8), Declan Miller (14), Oriel Miller (14), and Lafayette Miller (16)

Fun Facts

Favorite quote ~ “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” - Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Favorite song ~ “Palm Dreams” and “Pretty Girl” by Hayley Kiyoko

Favorite food ~ Shrimp bisque and cornbread

Favorite drinks ~ Butterbeer

Favorite colors ~ Azure and violet

Favorite animals ~ Coral and jellyfish

Favorite flower ~ Water hyacinths

Favorite season ~ Autumn
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