˗ˏˋAliman Tokˎˊ˗


"It's only my third day out here, I don't know.." ☼- Lil Uzi Vert

  • Joined April 2018
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 7 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


☾First Name- Aliman
☾Middle Name- N\A
☾Surname- Tok
☾Age- 16
☾Gender- CisMale
☾Birthday- August 8th
☾Sexuality- Bisexual
☾Relationship Status- Single
☾Ethnicity- British/Mixed White-African

✧Wizard Stuff✧
☾Blood Status- Half Blood
☾Year- 5th
☾House- Slytherin
☾Patronus- Hebridean Black
...Herc, a male Serengeti cat
...Fidi, a female Red spitting cobra
☾Inherited Parseltongue from his father and is able to talk to Fidi
☾Wand- 13 3/4 inch Blackthorn, Dragonstring core, Rigid flexibility
☾Favorite Class- DADA
☾Least Favorite Class- History of Magic

Aliman seems like the person that falls under every Slytherin tropes, but he is quite the outgoing and gregarious. Amazingly stubborn guy with the slightest of tempers. He is the sweetest, until someone rubs him the wrong way. Aliman is quite the ambitious one, he's always up for a new challenge and opportunities, but for the most part, he's just another troublesome kid looking for something out of life.
...Being around a crowd
...Pleasing said crowd
...Deep conversations
...Others being bullied
...Prejudice towards blood status
...Most magical snacks
☾Social Status- Arrogant/Adventurous/Driven/Stubborn
...Al, Tok, T

The Tok family comes from a long line of pure-bloods and outstanding wizards, that is until Aliman came along. His father, a highly respected Auror, had had an affair with a muggle, Aliman's birth mother. When revealed that Aliman's mother was pregnant with him, his father

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