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Have never met an Extraterrestrial personally? Well then, nice to meet you (not).

Now something little about me if you’re interested (brace yourself)~

I'm a gender-fluid and androgynous being who is a human looking Extraterrestrial. Yes, we exist and yes, of course I understand english, was not that hard to learn. I am here on this planet Earth temporary. Do we ET's dislike humans? The answer is very simple: No, we don't. Do we believe we are superior from humans? Again, the answer is no. Are we ET's malevolent? Not all of them are. My race is a benevolent one. How do we - STOP!

No more questions...

Origins: Intergalactic, other dimensions

Sex: Shapeshifter

Gender: Non-binary

Age: Unknown (I mean, come on, I kinda lost track of time and forgot to count all the years as I traveled through many different galaxies and dimensions)

Sexuality: Gay (it means happy)

Friends: I really love Asher and Poppy here. Asher is my beloved Norwegian chum, and Poppy is like my little sister.

House: If one believes that Hufflepuffs are hard workers who are just and loyal, with good hearts, and that there's nothing else to it, they are mistaken. Very mistaken. Us Hufflepuffs are much more than that. We can be brave, cunning, witty, imaginative, intelligent, crazy about books, and much more. Don't ever group people in 'boxes'. There's more to every person, unless you've got one dimensional personality. I don't. I'm multidimensional and possess qualities of all houses, yet I still am a true Hufflepuff. The same goes for other houses too, not just Hufflepuff. But you can also be in Gryffindor and be everything but brave, or be in Slytherin and be everything but cunning, or be in Ravenclaw and be everything but imaginative. This is why never stereotype anyone. Get to know each person and you'll see who they truly are, no matter their house, sexuality, gender, race. Ugh all this unecessary writing because not everyone understands, makes me want to just... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ One down two to go! But WAIT! Let me activate my alien powers first! ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ ARGH!!!
┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
There, much better. Just the Hufflepuff table remains unflipped. Don’t you...dare...touch it. (ง'̀-'́)ง

Mission: Healer, Guardian of the Universe and other (that’s TOP SECRET!)

Pet(s): None, unless you want to be my pet? Nah, just kidding. Who wants humans as pets anyway.

Hobbies: Yea, not gonna tell ya

Favorite things to do: You know, saving the world and stuff, although it can get exhausting sometimes.

Least favorite things to do: Doing things humans do... Since I have to "pretend" I'm a human to blend in and go unnoticed by others. Sucks so much, but no need to pity me. Pity’s for the weak. I ain’t weak. ( ˘̀︹˘́ )

Likes: Unconditional Love and everything connected with that type of love.

Dislikes: Everything that is not Unconditional Love, which is almost everything on this planet. What a shame.


Do you, like, wonder what my backstory is...?

(I hope you don’t if you know what’s best for you and you value your life)

No? You sure? How nice of you! Really. I mean you know that respecting peoples privacies is the way to go. That’s very noble of you. Very very noble.

Pssst... want me to tell you a secret then? I mean you're such a very noble person after all, though I'd share something with you in return.

~ Everything above is about me as a real life person, except for the name Ray which was randomly choosen as it is a gender neutral name (my real name starts with 20th letter in Alphabetical order) and the model in my pfp is not me but I choose him for a reason~

Psssssst... want me to tell you another secret?

[Error 403 access denied]

Woops. I guess you heard enough already, Earthling. Maybe next time (or better not, the less you know the better).

It’s time for us to bid our farewells now.

I’m so sad to see you go... Gonna miss you. ╥﹏╥

Juuuuust kidding~

~.’+:* \(‐^▽^‐)/ *:+’.~

Bye and please don’t return. Thank you. I’m leaving this planet forever anyway, so yea.

Be well, Earthling.
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