Rei Talyn

*depressed mess*

why do people ask me, tell me a bit about your self, and i suddenly forget who i am as a human

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  • Member of Slytherin
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➳Rei Talyn (Or You Can Just Call Me Talyn)
➳Complete Tomboy
➳Pets¬Marlin the Hippogriff and Tasha the Brown Screech Owl
➳Slytherin Seeker
➳Alpha Metamorphmagus
➳Non-Wand Teleportation
➳Looks¬Short Brown Hair with Orange Dyed Tips, Dark Green Eyes, Scrawny But Strong, Nose and (Top) Ear Piercing (girrlscout)
➳Clothes¬Distressed Jeans, Grey Patterned Button Up Shirt, Messy Converse Shoes, Rob Top Hat
➳School Clothes¬Black Ripped Jeans, White Shirt With Top Button Undone, Slytherin Tie, Rob Top Hat
➳Personality¬ Sarcastic, Pretty Kind, Can Be Rude
➳Strong, But Doesn't Look Strong >:)
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