Sebastian Vorheise

Simple Loner

I read your comment. Unfortunately, your inability to spell completely overshadowed your stunningly sharp wit.

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<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><font color="maroon">There's a diamond under all this dust...<font/></marquee>

<font color="grey">Name: Sebastian Vorheise
Age: Only about 597? Must say I'm a spring chicken.
Eyes: Amber. When he is content, they are almost a honey-like color.
Hair: midnight black
Species: Vampire
Family: dead.
Girlfriend: Haha, I don't have a girlfriend. I have a wonderful wife, Makaria Nolan-Vorheise.
Pets: Jinx the fox and Stanford, the Percheron horse
Animagus: Raven
Important info?: I like cucumbers.

If I don't reply to an RP, it either got lost in my notifs or I didn't feel like responding. I'll let you decide which.


<font size="4"><font color="black">Children;</font></font>

<font size="4"><font color="blue">• William Sebastian Vorheise</font></font>

~ Godparents: Adonis Azmaveth + Jinx.
~ Gender: Male
~ Twin: Ryder Madison Vorheise
~ Age: Six
~ Appearance: Wavy dark brown hair, yellow eyes, pale skin, retractable fangs.
~ Species: 40% Vampire / 60% Wizard.
~ Seer ability: Yes

<font size="4"><font color="blue">• Ryder Madison Vorheise</font></font>
~ Godparents: Aurora (Pandora) Tresconova + Amira Diable.
~ Gender: Male
~ Twin: William Sebastian Vorheise
~ Age: Six
~ Appearance: Curly midnight black hair, green eyes, pale skin, retractable fangs.
~ Species: 40% Vampire / 60% Wizard
~ Seer Ability: Yes

<font size="4"><font color="purple">• Abigail Eris Vorheise</font></font>
~ Godparents: Oliver AssKing + Edalyn Grace.
~ Gender: Female
~ Age: Four
~ Appearance: Light blonde hair, amber/gold eyes, light skin, retractable fangs.
~ Species: 30% Witch / 70% Vampire
~ Seer Ability: No
~ Familiar: Artic Fox named Prism


Sebastian was born in 1665, on the streets of London. He was a filthy street rat, stealing stale bread just to keep himself alive. His mother and father had died in the plague, leaving him to fend for himself. He had met an odd man one day. That same day his life changed. He had been turned into a vampire. He traveled for years, kingdom to kingdom, both building and burning bridges. Sebastian came to Hogwarts to visit the headmistress, yet instead happened upon his beloved, Makaria Nolan-Vorheise. He chose to stay with her at the filthy, idiot-filled school, only because she had wished to finish her studies before he stole her away. Sebastian now resides somewhere on the Hogwarts campus, with his familiar, Jinx, and only shows up when he sees fit.

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