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★~~Roleplay Rules~~★
Proper grammar.
Third person.
No asterisks.
At least six sentences in response.
No godmodding.
Be realistic— ask yourself 'does this fit the canon? Is it likely to happen?'
Past tense writing, please.

★~~Magnus Wägner~~★

Face Claim: Ton Heukels

Magnus Wägner.

Meaning of name
Magnus "The Greatest."


I may change his age for different roleplays.

Blood status

German and Norwegian
Three parts German, one part Norwegian.

United States of America
But he's more proud of his European heritage.

Ilvermorny, Durmstrang
Magnus spent four years at Ilvermorny in the Pukwudgie house before moving to Sweden with his family, and finishing his wizard schooling there.

A sweet Newfoundland dog.

Animagus form

Newfoundland Dog
"The Newfoundland dog is known for its calm and docile nature and its strength. They are highly loyal and make ideal working dogs. It is for this reason that this breed is known as "the gentle giant". International kennel clubs generally describe the breed as having a sweet temper... Newfoundlands are ideal companions in the world of therapy and are often referred to as the nanny dog."

We all know what they are. Guh. Arachnaphobia to the max.

Newfoundland Dog.
Until someone proves to me that the animals for the patronus and animagus are different, this will be the form of it. The memory Magnus remembers is being accepted into Pukwudgie at Ilvermorny.

Typical Clothing
Typically a plain or decal t-shirt, ripped jeans of varying colors, fingerless gloves, boots, a leather jacket, and a hat of some sort.

Muscle or workout shirt, gym shorts, sneakers. If he's kickboxing, then he will wear red hand wraps, but no gloves. If running, he'll wear a light leather jacket. His hair will most likely be in a ponytail when working out.

Dress or button-up shirt with a vest and bowtie, perhaps tux if it's really fancy. Though he'd still most likely wear boots and black jeans. Depending on the occasion, he may shave and put on a dress.

"Wand-quality redwood is in short supply, yet constant demand, due to its reputation for bringing good fortune to its owner. As is usually the case with wandlore, the general populace have the truth back to front: redwood wands are not themselves lucky, but are strongly attracted to witches and wizards who already possess the admirable ability to fall on their feet, to make the right choice, to snatch advantage from catastrophe. The combination of such a witch or wizard with a redwood wand is always intriguing, and I generally expect to hear of exciting exploits when I send this special pairing out from my workshop."

Unicorn Tail Hair Core.
"Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard. Minor disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may 'die' and need replacing."

10 3/4" length.
An average length.

Rigid Flexibility.
Very stubborn, but not unyielding.

Personal Items
Pocket of mechanical pencils brought from the muggle world.
Spare coins.

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