Brandon Krum


Loves quidditch. Girlfriend: Edalyn Grace (The most beautiful girl ever)

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So, when I was 2 I was kidnapped. I was taken away to a dark and dreadful place. You'd think I wouldn't have been clever and smart back then, but actually, I was. I always had a pocketful of stones so I just left a trail with them. But, they locked me up, and trust me they had made that door very thick. There also was a guard that was guarding my door. Then I understood what had happened. My family had always been rich and they wanted the all of our wealthiness. I stayed there for a few days but it was time to make my move. It was lunch time and I had a knife in my hand. There was a glass window and some bricks that I could easily break. It took 45 minutes and everyone was suspicious because I wouldn't usually take this long. There! I had done it. I stepped out. It was lucky I was on the first floor. I stepped out quietly and started to run. I followed my rocks to home but I went in a wrong direction a few times because I had to get them off the track. I finally came home. THE END (That was only a little story of my life)

Patronus: Cheetah
House: Griffindor
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