Jayden Potter

Auror and Gryffindor Seeker

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I was sorted into Gryffindor because I am very brave and smart and I can stand up to anybody and I protect my love ones and friends. I am a pure blood but I'm not mean to mudbloods or half -blood I respect all I'm very good in defense agents the dark arts and charms and potion but how likes snape and I am good at transfiguration I am a parselmouth and my parents were wizard and witches but were change when they broke up and my mother was a bright witch but had her memory erase and then was sent to Askbam for something she didn't do and my dad is very great in magic but has been expel for doing the crucio cruse and I am very good at Quidditch I am Good at being a seeker and I was but into Gryffrndor Quidditch team today and since i'm rich I got the best broom in the world but I did not pay for it the Firebolt and my Patronus is a Wolf because I can change into a Wolf. My God-Father died Sirius Black was my God-Father Harry Potter is my best friend we later realize that we are brothers. Hermione Granger is my best friend to so is Ron Weasley. I have a Phoenix and a Owl my Owl is name after Harry's Hedwig. and my Phoenix's name is Fawex . MY WAND English Oak wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¾" and Unbending flexibility. I am a Animagus
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