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Geek/Asgardian/Hydra Agent

Don't worry George, I'm going to Heaven. Guess how I know? Because were the Holy Spirit. Get it? Because your holey, and..I'm Dead..Please don't cry..

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I am rarely on :(

WARNING: I AM REALLY BAD AT TALKING, I ALWAYS SOUND RUDE! I never intend to, I never really understood when people got offended. Finally, someone told me about me sounding rude, and I looked back, and now I notice I'm really bad at talking. Please tell me if I sound rude, it will not offend me. Thank you for reading this!
For RP I will be 12-17 years unless the rare occasion where that doesn't work.
My time zone and where I live is fake and Kat shouldn't be my nickname but some friends are just dumb. Kat should be my other friend's nickname
(Some names similar to accounts are here. Sorry about that.)

For Harry Potter I'm a Granger. Depending on the RP, I will be Hermione's sister or daughter.
You can owl me for more RP info

Here's a Backstory for Marvel:
Name: Kat
Last Name: (unknown to everyone)
Crush:(Don't tell) Peter Parker
Friends: The Twins, kind of Bucky, kind of Nat, people of Asgard, Steve, people of Wakanda, Peter Parker
Dad:(unknown, maybe Loki)
Mom:(unknown, dead, Asgardian)
Age: (unknown, looks 15)
Team: None, formerly Hydra, helped the Revengers
Looks: Black hair and eyes, light skin
From: Asgard
Hero/Villain Name Thing: Autumn Soldier (formerly)

(Spoilers) She was kidnapped from a parent taking her to Midgard. Hydra took her before she was strong, and tricked her that they needed her powers. She was supposed to kill James "Bucky" Barnes after he left Hydra, right before Steve Rogers found him. She got arrested and escaped, but Steve knocked her out. She was later told about Hydra being evil, and for some reason trusted and helped them. Now Wakanda keeps a close eye on her to make sure she isn't still in Hydra. But the person there is an illusion, Kat has similar powers to Loki. She really went to Asgard, and got in the whole "family mess", as she calls it. She returned to Earth after helping Thor escape, she did not know about Asgard coming there. Before she landed not far from Wakanda (to sneak in), she saw a glimpse of a rather large ship (Thanos's ship?) After everyone was attacked, she went back to Earth, swearing revenge on Thanos for killing her father. She was another one who bit the dust.
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