Vicktorya Malfoy

Student/ Poseidon' Daughter

If at any time for some reason you are looking for me, you will find me in the forest. Do not try to attack me, for I am as quick with the wand as wit

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I help monitor the hogwarts corridors at night, I'm getting ready to be an Auror, I organize Balls, I
training in the half-blood camp, the Centaurs of the Black Forest are my friends (they're kind of serious, but they're really cool) I have vampire qualities since I lived with some for several years, I work in a group of musics about HIH, sometimes I work in the Hogwarts Performers Guild, I'm part of SPCW... And I think it 's just for now.
And I have a Satyr, I adopted him not long ago.

(I recently re-tested my house on pottermore, and left Slytherin)

Patron: St. Bernard Dog
Ilvermorny house: Horned Serpent
Wand: Ebony wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½ "and Hard flexibility.
Blood status: pure blood.
Loves animals,,
She was lost in time for some time,
and shy.

I'm a distant cousin of the Potter family

You know that mark on my face? It looks like it's of family ... when voldemort gave a crazy order and a dementor did it to me. I will explain.

My parents had to leave me by Voldemort's order, but that did not stop them from loving me, they left me in a forest with vampires after the attack of dementor, I was still small, but the vampires were kind, until the day in which they had to leave, they were being hunted.

The interesting thing was that it was not a direct order from Voldemort, he had already planned everything. but voldemort was dead

And then I started on my journey, until one day while I was running away from some spiders (you know what) I fell to the ground, before I fainted with the fall, I saw everyone running.

(Few know, but I have blood Riddle, some people would walk away from me if they knew it)
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