Kenzie Davies


Veela hair core Walnut wood 12 ½ inch

  • Joined November 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • Australia


Hi, i’m Mackenzie Davies. I am a french English due citizenship. My mother Margaux Lefebvre was born in the small french town of Beynac-et-Cazenac. She is half veela so naturally stunning with long blonde hair with bright blue eyes. She attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. In her time at Beauxbatons she was best friends with Fleur Delacour and her younger sister Gabrielle.
She met my father Robert when he was travelling from Australia. My father is a full-blood who was born in a placed called Byron Bay. They met when my mother was in her last year of Beauxbaton and my father had just graduated. They told me they fell in love as soon as they met, that it was true love.
My parents got married and moved into as house in Beynac-et-Cazenac almost as soon as my mother graduated. My father had come from a wealthy line of wizards in Australia, so they had plenty of money.
They had twins, Madeleine and Avery. My two siblings were the top of their classes for everything, the only time they had received lower than Outstanding was when Avery hexed Madeleine making her unable to complete her assignment. In which Avery told me she cried herself to sleep that night.
The two twins were quickly followed by Gaétan. Unlike our two older scholars, Gaétan had been quite rebellious. He was always getting himself into trouble with his gang of friends. In his time he was the best quidditch player. Star chaser he broke records set hundreds of years ago and he never missed a shot.
The twins both went on to become very successful auroras working alongside each other. My brother Gaétan was scouted for the French National Quidditch Team where he is one of the best players they've ever had. The team has been on a high streak since he joined.
Before I was born my mother had triplets, Marie, Monique and Léo and my parents moved to the United Kingdom. Never liking large towns they moved to Beddgelert Whales. Three years later they had me.
Marie had been sorted into Ravenclaw which was amazing for her as it suited her perfectly. She was much like Madeleine and Avery, the top of everything. Monique and Léo were both put into Gryffindor. They were more concerned about where their social ranking sat rather than their grade. They were basically exactly the same as Gaétan but times two.
Then it came to me although Mackenzie is a french name it's not french origin like my siblings. Either way, i hate the name so I dropped to Mac and left with the Kenzie.
I was away from my family for two years while I went to Beauxbaton, but missing my family too much I returned home and transferred to Hogwarts in my third year.
I was sorted into Slytherin. Although Monique and Léo like to frequently remind me that Slytherin is filled with psychopathic losers, I happen to like it. I may be seen as the odd one out in my family but I love them all dearly.
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