Adeline Ellsworth


Proud Slytherin who just love the stars and the moon. Hopefully one day I'll get to be an astronomer.

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Being sorted into Slytherin can be scary. I too was once scared by the thoughts of being sorted into the house that was wrongly stereotyped as "evil". Growing up I was raised by two of the greatest parents in the wizarding world. My father was a muggle born Ravenclaw, while my mum was pureblood Slytherin. Being from a mixed house household was interesting. I was daughter 4 out of 6, and every sister who went to Hogwarts before me was sorted Ravenclaw. While I knew there was a chance I could be sorted into the other three houses, I secretly hoped that I'd end up with my sisters. However, fate didn't quite agree and I ended up in Slytherin.

With a pureblood Slytherin mother, I knew that the house wasn't as bad as it was stereotyped to be. That didn't help the thoughts going through my head. I was in a new house, with kids I didn't know or grow up with. I was now in deep in the dungeons, while my sisters were far away in Ravenclaw tower. For the first time at the age of 11, I was on my own and had to figure out how to make the best of this situation.

Now I look back and thank the sorting hat for putting me in Slytherin because it was right. Slytherin was where I belonged the entire time. The Slytherin house is one big family, and no matter what they say you're brothers and sisters in Slytherin will always be there and always have your back. Being in Slytherin even created a bond between my mum and me that my sisters don't necessarily have. Being in Slytherin has been one of the greatest parts of my life, and I hate that this is my last year here. I'll always be a Slytherin though, and I'll always wear my house with pride.
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