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I was almost instantly sorted into Gryffindor well no surprise there as a decident of the nords courage and bravery is in my blood though where the magic came from noone knew. As the an only child mom and dad were extatic when I was accepted. I have always been a quick learner and I excell in chars and defense against the dark arts though that may be because I tend to dabbel In the dark arts my dad always said you must know your enemy to defeat them. I personally found divination useless and history of magic to be quite boring though a nessacry evil of we hope to avoid the mistakes of our past. I hope to one-day be an auror as it would fill the insatiable need for adventure and danger. I am honest to a fault and loyal hard working and passionate but I have never learned to walk away from a lost cause and can be blinded when in pursuit of a goal. Martial magic is by far my favorite and I never back down from a duel it must be the Viking in me. I am an open book if you can get past the hard cover good 

Til árs og frí ar!

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