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big anime fan, and kinda wish i were an okamimimi irl...

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Please try to respond to any rps at least once a day, but I get that life exists, so at the very least try to respond to rps consistently. I just, you know, get kinda pi**ed when people start an rp w/ me and then just dip.

(usually)hogwarts rps; main oc, hogwarts rp(preferably modern day): Aito; gender: male, species: part werewolf/ wolf kemonomimi & living inflatable, house: ravenclaw. wand: cherry with a grate showing the coral core.

He has short black hair, that is long enough to cover where human ears would be, and one red eye and one blue. ears and tail are also black. he only wears no-maj clothes, knows how to use no-maj tech, and is obsessed with anime. also loves gaming. the perfect example of the average american teen, if it weren't for the ears and tail, and magical ability. Japanese American, but acts so much like an American you would never know, and was born in the US anyways. (edit: Aito is one of the few who can use Japanese spells, which use hand movements instead of wand movements, all of which dont actualy have incantations. (v2: after an... er... 'incident', where technology and magic actually worked together, though unintentionaly, Aito's hair now has a couple magenta streaks in it which won't come out, and his heterochromia has partially dissapeared. he now gets stressed out from eye contact, usually to the point of attacking whoever looked him in the eyes, but also now has the ability to teleport to pretty much anywhere 10 meters away, even if you could'nt normaly apparate there. (V2.1: accidentally temporarily turned himself into a living inflatable replica of himself. He can safely be popped, but has to be patched up and reinflated afterwards, and eventually his... rubber? vinyl? whatever it is now, it'll eventually repair itself, because... magic. Luckily, popping dosnt cause him to explode, just to start leaking air, and despite his eyes now being basicly decals, he can still see, and his mouth... well, it looks normal shape-wise, at least. He has a valve on his thigh and stomach, which both conect to his body, the tip of his tail, which connects to his, well, tail, and the back of his head, which connects to his hair. His tail, body, and hair are all different air compartments, though his ears are connected to his hair (which is a single inflated blob, not a bunch of strands). He also doesn't really mind the fact that he's effectively a pool toy now, and dosnt get stressed out and attack people who look him in the eyes. (V 2.1.2: brewed a potion that lets him go back and forth between being a pool toy and being normal. He can only turn back to normal when he's fully inflated and all his holes have healed, though any holes now heal much faster, and he usually stays inflated anyways. (V2.1.02: if living inflatables already exist, aito starts as a living inflatable, though still was once human.


second oc, hogwarts rp: Askai; gender: male, species: human/fox kemonomimi, house: ravenclaw.

mop of quicksilver colored hair that covers pretty much everything, including where human ears would be, but not face. grey eyes. ears and tail are also quicksilver colored, a rare color for fox kemonomimi. prefers denim. knows how to use a tv, but that's it. to be fair, that's all you need to watch anime. Japanese American; born in the US. (edit: Askai is one of the few who can use Japanese spells, which use hand movements instead of wand movements, all of which dont actualy have incantations. 

X: gender: none, but appears to be male. Age: none, but appears to be about 16. Species: unknown type of pseudo-supernatural being. Has black hair, black eyes, and a bloody scar on the corner of their mouth. The only power they have that can be physically harmful is telekinetic control over playing cards. Other than that, they have a very noticeable effect on the world around them, being control over sound & light, the ability to cause time loops, & the ability to create non-euclidean spaces, which they use to create horrifying spaces to fight in, though they generally end up fighting alongside humans. They're also a bit of a psychopath. (Theme: 'Cradles' by Sub Urban)

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