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Inflatable okamimimi *squeak!*

big anime fan (but not quite a weeb), and I kinda wish i were an inflatable okamimimi irl... I’m also a(n amateur) photographer. Timezone: CDT

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Please try to respond to any rps at least once or twice a week, but I get that life exists, so at the very least try to respond to rps consistently. I just, you know, get kinda pi**ed when people start an rp w/ me and then just dip. If you want to stop the rp, just tell me! Hell, give me some random excuse-it's better than nothing. Also, please no romance, unless we've rp'd enough for me to be comfortable with it. even then, nothing mature in terms of romance. 


(usually)hogwarts rps; main oc: Aito Tsakirimori; gender: male, species: okamimimi( &  sometimes a living inflatable) (If you don't want him to be a living inflatable, just tell me!) house: ravenclaw. wand: cherry wood with an intricate cherry tree grate showing the Alchemical Mithril core, which contains trace amounts of Hihi'irokane. When he uses stronger spells, weaker versions can fly out the grates on the side, giving the wand the ability to produce scattershot blasts, and keeps the wand from destroying itself. However, because of the fact the wand has to divert some of it's own power, his regular spells are much weaker. He has short black hair, that is long enough to cover where his human ears would be, and one red eye and one blue. his ears and tail are also black. he only wears no-maj clothes (and almost always is wearing a black hoodie, with pockets in the hood for his ears), and knows how to use no-maj tech. Japanese American, but acts so much like an American you would never know, and was born in the US anyways. he's also unusually good at hydromancy. As a kemonomimi, his physical strength exceeds that of just about any human, and, as specifically an okamimimi, he can also form a soul bond with exactly one person, lending them some of his (physical) strength.
(The following stuff won't apply to every rp. it'll usually apply to hogwarts rps, but anything else, almost definitly not.) (v2: after an... er... 'incident', where technology and magic actually worked together-though unintentionaly- Aito's hair now has a couple magenta streaks in it which won't come out, and his heterochromia has partially dissapeared, in that his eyes' colors are slowly mixing. he now gets stressed out from eye contact, usually to the point of attacking whoever looked him in the eyes, but also now has the ability to teleport to pretty much anywhere 10 meters away, even if you could'nt normaly apparate there. (V2.1: accidentally permanently turned himself into a living inflatable replica of himself. He can safely be popped, but has to be patched up and reinflated afterwards, and eventually his... rubber? vinyl? whatever it is now, it'll eventually repair itself, because... magic. Luckily, popping dosnt cause him to turn to shreds, just to start leaking air, and despite his eyes and mouth now being printed on, he can still see (and his pupils have become vaugely star-shaped). eating is out of the question, but at least he dosent need to. He has a valve on his thigh and stomach, which both conect to his body, the tip of his tail, which connects to his, well, tail, and the back of his head, which connects to his hair. His tail, body, and hair are all different air compartments, though his ears are connected to his hair (which is a single inflated blob, not a bunch of strands). Being made entirely of inorganic material, he's much less sensative to tempurture, and thus has swapped his hoodie for a black vest (which has an inner layer of polyester, both because it doesn't get stuck on his rubber vinyl as easily, and because he likes how it feels). He also doesn't really mind the fact that he's effectively a pool toy now, and dosnt get stressed out to the point of attacking people who look him in the eyes, but it does still cause him physical pain. His physical strength hasn't decreased, but since he weighs so little it isn't very useful. being a living pooltoy has also strengthened his hydromancy significantly, and even now has a handle on aeromancy. (note: if living inflatables already exist (for whatever reason), aito starts as a living inflatable, though still was once a regular kemonomimi.

for pokemon rps, aito's not an okamimimi, isn't a living inflatable, and obviously can't use magic. he's also wearing a bucket hat to keep his ahoge down. Born in Alola, and lived there long enough to get his starter, but then his family moved to kalos for buisness reasons. partner/starter pokemon; technically bounsweet, but starting the rp w/ steenee is more interesting. rest of the team: drizzile & kirlia. caught later on: female snorunt, shiny grubbin, & dreepy. other: shiny minior, 6 zygarde cells (but no cores), dewpider, phantump, froakie, ninjask, & hatterem (and more, depending on what pokemon are available to be caught).


Sofumi: gender: male. species: kitsunemimi/ living plush. house: ravenclaw. wand: dogwood with coral core. pinkish-blonde hair, and his ears' and tail's tips have a carmel-y color. his hair, ears, and tail are all blobbyer than if they weren't stuffed, his hair being a single blob (like aito's). He has pinkish-purple eyes with vaugely heart shaped pupils, which are just magically animated patches, like his mouth. he can almost always be seen wearing a light grey hoodie with oversized blue sleeves that dangle over his hands, the ends of which are transparent. being pressed into his body is incredibly comfortable, and if squeezed for long enough, he can cause people to go limp from sheer comfort. as a living plush, he's a natural seamsmancer, and thus can turn others into living plushes (temporarily), but in just about every case, they just turn into an animate, life-sized plush of themselves as a kemonomimi. He's incredibly shy around humans that he has'nt turned into a plushie. Being a living plush is unbeleivably comfortable, being squeezed as one is even more comfortble and relaxing, and the fabric of a living plush is very stretchy and almost impossible to destroy. He rarely needs to fight, but when he does, he uses a pair of fabric ribbons that he can fully control, able to hold someone in place or, if it comes to it, choke them or cut off their circulation, though he'll only ever even think of doing that if the life of someone he cares about is threatened.

========dark stuff warning!========

J: gender: none, but appears to be male. Age: none, but appears to be about 17. Species: unknown type of pseudo-supernatural being. (A human who was possessed by a demon, but took back control of their body and the demon inside them, taking its power. They were male before being possessed.) Has black hair, blood red eyes, and a forever bloody scar on the corner of their mouth. The only power they have that can be physically harmful is telekinetic control over playing cards and ink, and usually have multiple daggers on them- and the daggers are less dangerous. their axe, however, is much more dangerous, but too big to carry around. they can appear psycopathic, but only actually ever harm those working with the devil, or those who might as well be. They also find enjoyment in pissing off their targets before killing them, while being unnervingly polite the whole time.

========dark stuff is over!=========


(before becoming inflatable) Aito sits back down in the dim corner where he is brewing a potion. It's not banned from the school, but it's hard to brew a potion that needs to be made just right when people are watching. Fires, however, are very much not allowed in the common room, so the equipment being used is a bit unconventional.

(as inflatable) Aito sits down at the end of the Ravenclaw table, sliding his empty plate around the table. He has wolf ears and a tail, which is strange in its own right, but even weirder is how shiny his skin and hair is, as well as how smooth his hair is; blob-like, even. He also seems a little lonely...

(Open rp): Sofumi sits down in one of the chairs in the ravenclaw common room, the sleeves of his hoodie dangling over his hands. Despite that, he still manages to flip the pages of the book he’s reading without issue, even though his sleeves are the only thing touching the book. While that in its own right looks strange, more unexpected are his fox ears and tail- unexpected enough to invoke questions that anyone who notices needs to have answered. 

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