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Perhaps you were unaware, but HiH has always had its own news site, sharing fandom related news for students to read. Before the introduction of the new site, very few people knew it existed as it wasn’t accessible from the main site. However, the Newsroom now has its own place right on the HiH site itself!

Newsroom contains articles written by a number of students and staff on HiH. These articles are also shown down the right hand side of the dash - when a new article is released, you won’t miss it!



 Forums are back, and they’re much the same as before. They can be accessed by clicking "Forums" on the navigation bar, and you’ll be taken to a page with a number of categories where you can post discussions.

There are currently 5 categories - “Entrance Hall”, “Great Hall”, “Book Discussions, “Film Discussions”, and “Fandom Community”. Each of these has its own subcategories, so you can pick which is best for your post.



To post in the forums, simply click the “Create Topic” button, and fill in a title/subject and then what you would like the first post to be, before clicking the button in the bottom right. It’s that simple!

To reply to a forum post(s), scroll to the bottom of the thread and write your reply in the “Write a Reply” box, before pressing “Post Reply”.

Forums are a good way to introduce yourself, as well as asking questions about certain topics, without your post losing visibility as it does in the feeds. 

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