Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures!

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures! This is the second year of the course. You can find the first year of the course here. Below you can find links to an optional textbook, additional pages you may find of interest, and details about when and why the course was last updated. 

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Many artistic depictions of creatures used in this course were created by the DeviantArt user maryquiZe. We recommend checking out her work!

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Lesson 9) Write Your Name in the Blank Space

Write Your Name in the Blank Space

Well! We are at the end of another term. Amazing, really, how time flies. Now, we have covered thirteen XXX creatures this year. I understand that is quite a bit, so today we will be reviewing these creatures, in a similar format to how we reviewed material last term.

Now, the final will not be like last term’s final. As part of your final, you will be turning in the completed creature journal. I hope you enjoyed the journal, and that it made you realize which creatures you liked the most, or found more interesting than others, as we have covered 23 creatures over the last two terms. Some reminders for the final submission are included below, to make sure your journal is the best it can be. Can you believe we still have four more years to cover creatures? Imagine the amount we can cover in that time, considering we have covered over twenty in just two years. While over the remaining terms we will be learning about fewer creatures per term, there is more to discuss with these creatures. We are starting to discuss creatures that are difficult to handle, are known for specific acts, or face different challenges in the wizarding world. While the remaining terms of this class have been charted out, please feel free to owl or email me about creatures you want to be covered in the coming years.  I will discuss the second part of the final at the end of this lesson.

Instead of having paragraphs of information for you to read, I made a PowerPoint for you to use when reviewing!

Year Three Review Powerpoint

The Creature Journal

Well! I hope that PowerPoint was helpful! It certainly was fun to make. Here are some friendly reminders for your creature journal submission. You should have at least five entries in your journal. The first entry should be on a creature from the first lesson, the second entry should be on a creature covered in Lessons Two or Three, the third entry on a creature covered in Lessons Four or Five, the fourth entry on a creature covered in Lessons Six or Seven, and the fifth entry on a creature covered in Lesson Eight. Each entry should be at least 150 words and should include why you find the creature interesting, and an observation of the creature.

The Final

Now, for the second portion of your final. Remember during the first lesson of the year I gave you the hint that having a favorite creature was not a bad idea. There are two options for this final, so choose wisely, as you may not combine them.

  1. Write a two to-four paragraph essay in which you discuss owning the creature
    1. With this option, you will take on a point of view. Maybe you are an ingredient supplier, or perhaps just wanted to keep the creature as a pet.
    2. Make sure to discuss how you will care for the creature. What type of enclosure will you keep it in? What kind of food, and how often, will you feed it? Most importantly, how will you keep your magical creature from being discovered by Muggles, whether you live in a Muggle neighborhood or a Muggle stumbles upon it mistakenly.
  2. Create a picture book used to teach young witches and wizards about the creature
    1. You must have a title page and four inside pages with this option. Of course, every page must have a picture! You should include important information, such as a physical description, diet, and the importance of the creature. Because picture books are meant for younger audiences, keep that in mind as you write the text of your book.
    2. You can write the book any way you see fit. You can write it like a story, where a witch or wizard is encountering the creature, or maybe like an informational book for young children.


Well, with that out of the way, I wish you all luck on the final, no matter which option you select! I hope to see you all next year! Please do not hesitate to owl mewith any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else you would like to send our way! Thank you all for a wonderful year, and have a wonderful summer break!

Lesson content written by Professor Elizabeth Anne

In your second year of Care of Magical Creatures, we will explore and discover thirteen different creatures. These creatures range from pests to mythological creatures. A wide variety of creatures will be studied, from wizarding pets to demons. Different aspects of the creatures, like genetics and disease information will also be covered.
Course Prerequisites:
  • COMC-201

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