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"You can make anything by writing." - C.S Lewis This is the HDN group account, that members will use for HDN related business.

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                                                                -- ABOUT US --

This is a joint account with the council members of HDN! In other words, this is the official Hogwarts Daily News Account. Do you have a question about HDN? Want to join one of our groups? Read and learn everything about us !  


                                          -- RECENT ANNOUNCMENTS -- 

- Founder of the HDN, Samantha Love, has left HiH. Lilac Ellise is taking over her duties.

- Due to staff changes, we closed down HDN interns .

- Lucy Pena has been out sick since December 15th 2020

- Belle Brookes has been promoted to manager!

- Daisy Fire has been promoted to assistant manager!

-You can now recieve notifications when we post Click here to sign up!

 -  We have a new book club , join for lots of fun !                                     

  • We apologize  about our inactivity and not publishing . We will start publishing again from this weekend .

Last update : October 27 2021 

                                  -- Members of Account-- 


Click the name to travel to users profile page :) 


  • Lilac Elise   ( Head Manager and Editor ) - Oversees all of HDN, owl her with anything and she will direct your question to the right person, or answer it herself.  

  •  Kaela Black ( Head Manager ) - Manages the intership group , come to her with any specific questions reagarding that . 

  • Belle Brookes ( Manager & Publisher ) - She publishes our issues weekly . She also manages our role play group, the Toadstool cafe . 

  • Jess Granger ( Head Manager ) - She manages the new HDN Book Club . 



                                                     -- Groups information--


The Hogwarts Daily News Inc. owns and operates many groups here is the names and information:

The Hogwarts Daily News : The Hogwarts Daily News group is where all of the writers of HDN come together to plan, ask questions, and meet some new people along the way. To join, please request to join this group: 

Click here and fill out this form: Click here for form


The HDN Interns *Closed down* :  The HDN Interns group is the group everyone interested in joining the Hogwarts Daily News will go. They kind of have an Internship. We have instructions and assignments to help you better understand how HDN is run. We grade writing assignments, to better you as a writer and prepare you for the honest constructive criticism you will receive from peers at HDN. But it is not all serious, you also have the opportunity to meet with people that will one day become your co-workers and If you are kind enough your friends. Everyone’s journey will start here but with the right attitude, there is no telling where it will end.

*Closed*The HDN Readers Group : This is the Readers group for the HDN, it is where all the people interested in the Hogwarts Daily News go to learn more about articles. You get to meet the staff and participate in polls, graphs, and topics that will be in each of our issues. You also get a reminder to read the issue if you turn on your notifications. But if you want to be personally sent the issue every time we post go to the FAQ’s section. Click here to join

The HDN Summer Group : This group is for members of HDN that are not active during the school year! This group is not accepting members outside of HDN. Incorporated project groups: HIH Yearbook You might have been able to tell by the title, but HDN is making an online Yearbook for HIH! We are not accepting new members at this time.The Golden Portkey Awards . We are putting together an awards ceremony for all of HIH to be featured in the HIH Yearbook. We are only accepting members that are a part of HDN incorporated already.


                                              -- FAQ--


Q : How do I contact HDN?

A: Make a post on this wall or owl this account, we are no longer accepting work related owls on our personal accounts unless it is a completed intern article.


Q: How do I get notified when HDN posts an issue?

A : Click here! 


Q: If a manager posts on my wall inviting me to join HDN do I have to go to the intern group?

 A: The intern group is currently closed down, when it opens again, the answer will be this: Yes, but you will be what we call Fast Passed you will not have a time requirement.


Q: How do I get promoted to the official group when I am in the intern group?

A: The intern group is currently closed down, when it opens again, the answer will be this: You have a grade as an intern. After being in the group for two weeks you get a 25, then you have to write a prompted and non-prompted article both of which will be graded. Those grades and the one you get on the HDN Lessons Test will be averaged into your final score. You pass then you are promoted.


Q: Why do interns have to do so much work?

A: The intern group is currently closed down, when it opens again, the answer will be this: We don’t like inactivity, we do group clean out bi-monthly and we only want hard workers in the group. Even though this is a fun site, we take our work seriously.


Q: Is HDN joining with WM?

A: No, WM voted and decided not to. However, we are still trying to have good relationships with all active news companies.


 Have any more questions? We don’t get asked many questions by readers, so this page is mostly about jobs. But if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask via owl or wall!


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