Dakota Jones/Miles Taylor


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Dakota Jones
She is a pansexual gal who at first seems intimidating and may seem like a bit of a b*tch but in reality, she is just shy. Once you get to know her she is very charismatic, funny, a bit outgoing, caring, and fully loyal. She has short light brown hair and hazel eyes (Light brown with green), she has a light skin color and is 5'1.

Her mother is a pureblood witch who owns a bookstore with both muggle and magic books, the muggle part is available for all public and to enter the wizard sections you need to go to a door in the back that only opens with a certain phrase and a touch of a want. Her father was a muggle he left them once he found out the truth about his wife, this caused the ministry to wipe his memory so Dakota doesn't have any contact with him. She also has an older sister who is two years older. Her mother was a Ravenclaw and her sister a Gryffindor while she is on Hufflepuff. Has a black cat with one green eye one blue eye named Berries.

Miles Taylor
He has not yet found a label for his sexuality. He is a metamorphmagus and loves changing his hair color at least twice a month, he has tan skin, grey eyes and a few freckles across his nose, he is 5'8. He has an outgoing personality, he loves hanging out with his friends and he gets shy sometimes around the people he has crushes on but miserably tries to hide it.

He is a pure-blood wizard but he didn't know since his parents died when he was three, he was a adopted by two muggles. Years later when he found out he was a wizard, he was so excited, his parents like always were supportive. He sends them letters daily telling him how his life as a wizard is going and they listen with as much excitement as he tells them about it. He is an only child. They are a wealthy family so once they entered Diagon Alley they bought a lot of stuff to know what they were and try them out, including the best broomstick. Miles got interested straight away in Quidditch and joined the Hufflepuff team the moment he could, he became a chaser. Later became Captain in his fifth year. He has an owl named Ace.
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