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'Sup people ~Tristan

Things I like: Percy Jackson Warrior Cats Artemis Fowl Harry Potter (duh) LGBTQ+ things (´・ω・`)

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Characters I have:

By the way, I can be any canon character~!


A pale ginger she-cat
Green eyes
Kin: none
Crush: none
mentor: sparrowhawk

Name: Sparrowhawk
Looks: Dark gray tom
Traits: Mean and grumpy
Kin: None
Crush: none
app: moth paw

-- Hogwarts ---
Name: ellie
Gender: female
sexuality: straight
Age: 14
looks: Frizzy black hair with brown skin
traits: shy and quiet
Status: Single


Name: asher
Gender: male
Sexuality: Very gay :>
Age: 21
Looks: light skin with black hair
traits: sarcastic
ts: lemon boy
Status: Taken ;3

Name: Keily Thompson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Trans & lesbian
Looks: Blonde ish hair with golden streaks
Traits: Hyper, excited, loud.
Likes: Arts & crafts, talking, hanging out.
Dislikes: Bullies, homophobic people
Age: 18
Status: Single

Name: Kristy
Gender: Female, but questioning gender.
Sexuality: bi
Looks: Light brown hair and blue eyes
Traits: Bossy and rude. X3
Age: 16
Status: DUnno.

Name: Tristan
Gender: male
Sexuality: Bi
Looks: Blonde hair, light skin
age: 18
Status: single.

---percy jackson----

Name: Pearl
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 15
Looks: Pale white skin with black-ish purple hair, and dark brown eyes
Traits: Shy and quiet, loves to hang around animals
Godly parent: Hecate
Status: single

Name: Alesha Keen
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: lesbian
Looks: tan skin with black hair.
Traits: Funny, artistic
Godly parent: Athena
race: asain
ts: say so
Status: taken

Name: Atremis Grander
Gender: male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 16
Looks: Light tan skin with dark brown hair, and wears large glasses light harry potter :>
Traits: Manipulative and flirty
Godly parent: aphrodite
ts: savage by megan thee stalion
Status: taken

-------Wings of Fire------
Name: Vine
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, but about young adult
Race: LeafWings
Looks: A green scaly dragon with sharp wings and long fangs. He has poison green eyes and blows acid, and has a long muzzle.
Traits: Agressive, and feirce.

Special thanks:

Cherry coke: You're a awesome person and a awesome role player! < D

A bunch of animal idiots: You were the first person I ever roleplayed with on here, so thanks! :D

Libby Rose: Although she may be offline, she is the most caring person and is like a therapist to me.

elizabeth Kira: Stay weird forever ;3

Avere C· ~twerking ghost~ You were very supportive when I needed help! You and Libby are like a sister to me!

AiR hEadS: Stay awesome ~Asher ~

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