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I'm a Ravenclaw but the sorting hat was deciding between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. It took nearly five minutes for the hat to decide on Ravenclaw and the main reason I was put into Ravenclaw was intellect and wisdom at a young age. I love all of the classes for the most part except for the history of magic it's so boring. Charms and DADA are my two favorite classes. I don't know my blood status I was adopted when I was little the only thing from my biological family is a heart necklace and a small rose carved into it. 

Veronica Raven:

  • House: Ravenclaw

  • Bisexual

  • Looks: Purple nearly black hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 2, around 120 pounds, pale skin. 

  • Family: Adopted pureblood family, biological family unknown, has one adoptive brother and two sisters. 

  • Likes: Walking on the beach, singing, dancing, reading, running, swimming, etc.

  • Hates: Pick-me boys and girls, players, snakes, heights, etc. 

  • Finds attractive: Black/dark brown hair, tall, smirking, roughness, leather jackets.

Leo lodge

  • House: Slytherin

  • Asexual Gay

  • Looks: black short and curly hair, purple eyes, 6 foot 1, around 170 pounds and tan

  • Family: Single mother, three sisters, and two brothers, all younger

  • Likes: Writing, playing guitar, quidditch, running, and soccer. 

  • Hates: Bullies, snooty people, people who are dumb as hell, etc. 

  • Finds attractive: Barely anything but long black hair. 

Alexia jones

  • House: depends on rp

  • Straight

  • Looks: black hair, skinny, five foot 7. olive skin tone

  • Family: only an older brother who takes care of her

  • likes: flowers, long walks, horseback riding, reading, dancing

  • Hates: Heights, snakes, werewolves, vampires, etc

  • Find attractive: Sweetness, quidditch players, strong people, bornw hair. 

Other OC's

Amelia Roswell: Ravenclaw, bisexual

James otto: Hufflepuff, gay 

Chloe urban: Slytherin, Straight

Jax colton: Slytherin, Gay

There will be other OC's added and more information soon

I will RP that is mainly why I'm here and I don't have many rules or really any at the moment but if you get too far out of line I will tell you if I feel uncomfortable.

I am 18 i will do mature and not mature but mainly like doing mature rp's. 

Feel free to owl me have great day. 






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