Sienna-Rose Ava Tonks

"It hurts losing the one you love."

Hello I'm twin sister of Nymphadora Tonks hence my last name! "The question isn't who is going to let me: it's who is going to stop me. "

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Hello I’m Sienna-Rose Ava Tonks but I’m more mature out of the two of us [Not really just as goofy as her] but I do miss my sister terribly after our battle with hogwarts I was the only one who survived out of us and it was heartbreaking to know you’ll not have your twin anymore but any who I did ended up while looking around the area noticed a little girl all by herself and she was only 3 years old with no family so I adopted her as my daughter after the battle of hogwarts and she lives with me and my now husband Aronas which during the time was Draco’s older brother and I am very happy to have them both in my life even though I don’t have my sister anymore I still know she’s still there along with Moony watching over me and my family. 

My daughter

Cherry Tonks

Her age is now 11 [Attending her first year at Hogwarts]  but this is her when I found her.

[This is her now]


And this is my now Husband!




Now for My Muggle Rp [I do Fandom as well but mostly into Muggle Rp!]


Student x Teacher


Principal x Student




Mother x Daughter


Mother x Son




Father X Daughter


Father x Son




Brother X Brother


Sister x Sister


Brother x Sister




Next Door Neighbor x daughter


Next Door Neighbor x Son




[Anything Forbidden As I love doing Forbidden Romances]




Princess x Guard


Prince x Guard




King x Servant


Queen x Servant




King x Princess


Queen x Princess




King x Prince


Queen x Prince



Now if you'd like to do Fandom just tell me whenever we do the Rp as I can tell you a small list of fandoms okay!

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