A Gay, Fucked Obscurial

Let the soft grasp of death circle around them, holding them close before kissing them into a sleep of forever. ~Ornix 1-19-2019~

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Hellur Hellur, here's a little bit of info on how I came to be!!

Age: 18

Gender: Genderfluid

Sexuality: Pansexual

Nickname:Ore (or whatever people wanna call me)
Oreo (Skylar)

DOB: 13-10-2000

Height: 5'0"

Relationship status?: single pringle

Hair: blues, purples, pinks, and black coloured, cut into a messy pixie cut.

Eyes: right eye is an icey crystal blue, and the left one is a deep emerald green

Pet(s): an 8 month old mini Australian Shepherd named Kiui and a crested gecko named Link

~background thingy~

My adopted mum had always seemed somewhat understanding, until I came out to her.
I nervously played with my colourful hair as I stood before mum’s door, she was getting ready to go on a date with the newest addition to her boyfriends. My chest heaved slightly as I took a deep breath before letting my pale knuckles rap on the smooth, wooden surface of the door. “What do you want, Eliza?” I heard her velvet voice filter through the door in reply.
This is it Ore, it’s now or never. I thought before opening my thin lips, “C-can I come in..? I.. I wanted to talk to you about something” I silently murmured a curse under my breath cause I stuttered.
“Can’t this wait till later tonight, hun?” I froze, my anxiety chewing at me to agree. I swallowed my gut and shook my head.
“No, this is something that needs to addressed now…” The white sound of silence filled the chilly air as a breeze slipped through a nearby window, causing the fine hair on my arms to raise as goose bumps crawled along my skin. As mum walked across her room, the floorboards creaked under her light weight. The door knob turned slowly and the door opened, revealing her petite form, raven hair, deep brown eyes, and soft pale skin.
“Come in and sit on my bed,” she murmured, stepping back to let me in and to get back to her large mirror. “So, what is it?” I sat down on her bed as I was told and nervously started to play with my hands.
“W-well… I’m...” I took a deep breath, “I’m queer… Well.. I’m pansexual to be exact...” She froze, her gaze quickly shifting from calm, to annoyed.
“Oh? And what does that mean?” Her voice came between gritted teeth, forcing herself to stay calm.
“O-oh… It means I attracted to someone no matter what their gender identity is...”
“Hm.. that’s not right sweety. You know you’re only supposed to love a male. No one else, anyway, there’s only two genders.”
“Well.. I’m not following how it's supposed to go I guess… and there’s more than two genders… there’s two sexes...”
“Get out.” I could tell I had broke her by the way her eyes seemed darker. “Get out of my room Elizabeth.” her voice was deathly calm, causing me to stand up and back away. “Get the magazine. I’m calling that conversion camp.” My eyes grew wide and I quickly ran to my room, shoving books, clothes, toiletries, my wallet, etc into a bag and grabbing a stuffed animal and my mini Australian Shepherd from my room along with her food. before I bolted out the door, throwing my black hoodie on. I ran and ran till I could run anymore, I was near a coffee shop. I was holding my pup and stuff as I walked into the warm, welcoming atmosphere.
“Welcome, what can I get for you two?” The owner of the voice was a small, dark coloured skin, masculine looking person. They had a soft, sweet smile as their words floated to my ears, almost instantly calming my nerves.
“Just a small chai tea and some water, please..” I started reaching for my wallet but the person stopped me.
“No, no, I’ve got you covered, don’t worry, just go sit down and relax, I’ll bring you your stuff.” They smiled and nodded towards a seat near the fire that was warming the small coffee shop.
“Thanks...” I tried to read their name but couldn’t
“Alinx, my name’s Alinx,” they smiled before disappearing behind to go make my tea. I sat down where they instructed me and started to pet my dog.
“It’s gonna be alright Kiui… it’s gonna be alright..” I whispered softly into her fur, burying my face into her soft body as tears slowly rolled down my red cheeks. The light click of a mug being set onto the table made my look up my gaze landing on Alinx's soft, calming eyes.
"So who's this cutie?" They asked, smiling softly at the squirmy Kiui who was trying to lick at my tea.
Laughing softly I pulled her back from the stteaming cup, "This is Kiui, she's my only friend..."
"I'll be your friend.."
"I'm your new friend," They smiled and nudged the tea closer to me, reaching over slightly to lightly pet Kiui. "Ornix, I get this weird vibe from you... something magical..." (I'll add more later)
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