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Character 1:
name: Scarlett Addison Avery
nicknames: scar,addi (because of her middle name), Letty (only called that by her sisters).
blood status: pure-blood (with a little bit of veela)
appearance: bright blue eyes, wavy brown hair,slightly tan skin.
house: slytherin
year: 6th year (can change depending on rp)
known for: prefect (head girl in 7th year), slytherin chaser.
patronus: Otter
wand: Hazel wood, Dragon heart string core, 9 3/4, reasonably supple Flexibility.
parents: Cathy Avery (mother,nèe Evergreen). Micheal Avery (father).
siblings/sisters: Josie Avery,older by 2 years. Kaitlyn Avery, older by 1 year. Stephanie Avery,Twin sister, younger by 6 minutes.
Likes: quidditch, yeah that's pretty much it. She doesn't like much.
Dislikes: reading,doing homework (but will do just doesn't like to)

Character 2:
Name: Isabella Queen Scamander-Goldstein (usually just uses Scamander as a last name tho)
Nicknames: Bella
Parents: Tina Goldstein and Newt Scamander
sibling(s): Twin brother
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Wand: Ash with unicorn Hair
Pet: Bowtruckle named Pixie
Age: 13
Appearance: long curly black hair, pale skin with Blue eyes.
Other information: She a legilimens
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