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See my book in progress! Also I am always ready to RP. Just post a starter and I will reply.

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My moms a witch and my dad was a no-mag, so I was never certain if I would be accepted at Ilvermorny. Imagine my surprise when I was accepted into Hogwarts! I recently discovered that I am a shapeshifter. I can turn into any animal. My favourite course is DADA, but I am best at Potions or Charms. I have a cat named Leia (not after star wars) and a barn owl, Aira. The catch to my ability is that the larger the creature, the more exhausting it is for me to transform. I can't tell anyone this. I would be hunted for sure. I didn't ask for these abilities, but they were given to so I need to protect myself. As a side note when I transform I do not also take on the creatures magical abilities. For instance a unicorn. I would have the physical appearance of one, but drinking my blood wont do anything for you. Though for a dragon I do breath flames, but it is so strenuous to change into a dragon that I rarely do.
Likes: Any kind of competition, reading, singing, and the beach

Dislikes: Bullies, the color pink, people making fun of her house.

Weakness: Children, chocolate, her friends, and her insecurity.

Appearance: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, flecked with green.

Height: 5'4"

She usually wears black combat boots and jeans, and a grey tank top.

IRL: Sorry if I'm a little secretive

Age: teen

Relationship Status: single

Favorite color: turquoise

Hobbies: Singing, reading, writing stories and songs

Personality: Highly competitive, determined, loyal, insecure about herself, high tempered, though I'm good at hiding it, I'm pretty sensitive but always hide it.

Appearance: brown hair past my shoulders and brown eyes. Somewhere between short and average height,

I am not a LGBT+ supporter, but I'm not here to force my opinions on anyone. I'd prefer people to not ask about my views on it. If you do ask I will only reply to people who can discuss it in a civilized manner. I don't want to start a fight.

For all those people who get annoyed when other people have abilities that are too powerful. It's ok this is a fantasy "world". It's fun to be able to pretend to be anyone you want. So don't ruin it.

My sisters are Gillian and Jocelyn Evergreen and Zaiyna, so don't mess with them. My dad died when I was a year old, so my mom remarried and had my twin little sisters! Being crazy she adopted Zaiyna right after she gave birth. My cousin is Annika Pearson so don't mess with her either.

For RP
I will always be a teenage girl with brown hair and brown eyes that are only ever serious or mischievous. I have a warrior mind with a compassionate heart. I am an animagus, and I can turn into a wolf. My weapons are two long knives (about a foot long each) a magical daggar and my wand. For medieval RPs I come from a royal family that no longer exists. I am the only one left. My RPs will always be open unless stated otherwise. No cursing please on my RPs I won't reply. Personality: Competitive, Loyal, Determined, Head Strong, High Tempered, extremely protective and Insecure about herself. In RPs I will either be a hardened competitive warrior or a compassionate understanding friend. I can also be both. Do not always have a solution or secret abilities! It ruins the roleplay. Make your character act like an actual person.
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