Primordial Demon-Warrior

Oso gonplei nou ste odon.

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I am Bellator. I was born long before the dawn of time. At the beginning of the universe, it was Death, Life, Fate and I. Death was my mother, and Fate my father. I am the first Warrior, the first being to ever fight in a battle or command a legion. It has been thousands of years since I last visited Earth... but perhaps it is time to return. Perhaps those boring, yet seemingly intelligent creatures 'humans' have evolved since last time I saw them.

Bellator cannot be killed, but she can be controlled. There is an Ancient Greek ritual that can be performed to first summon Bellator, and then control her. However, those who attempt this should be wary; it takes an immense amount of magic to control her, and if she breaks free, she will murder you before you can understand what has happened.


If you summon Bellator, and do not attempt to control her, and you win her approval, she may help you anyway, if only out of boredom.

When on Earth, Bellator usually takes the form of either a great black dragon or a beautiful woman with silver eyes and inky black hair. She can use any weapon, or simply her inherent primordial magic.
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