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Even demons have nightmares - nightmares about me.

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I am the only living descendent of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. I grew up in a small village off the coast of England that was a little behind the times; almost no one had electricity or technology of any kind. My father was a wizard, and my mother a muggle; the line descended through her, and my father took her last name. I had a pretty peaceful childhood; however, when I was sixteen, my world was shattered. The Black Cavalry was an ancient sect of warriors devoted to wiping out the Knights Templar; however, after the Knights Templar was discontinued, it evolved into more of a mafia. They murdered for money with no morals, and they burned my village to the ground - my parents included. However, one member had a drop of mercy, and spared me. I trained for years, traveling across the entire world to learn different techniques of fighting, wanting to get my revenge on the Black Cavalry. I trained with magic and metal, becoming incredibly skilled at both. I can use a wand, but I noticed that many wizards or witches trained in combat become incredibly disconcerted when met with muggle weapons. Additionally, nearly all of the Black Cavalry is muggle, and I'm nothing if not honorable. I refuse to use magic against anyone but those that can also wield it, unless the situation is dire. My spear was enchanted by my ancestor Jacques de Molay, using a special type of metal and wood lost to the ages; it can kill anything with one stab, even non-corporeal beings such as ghosts. My de Molay genes enable her to heal incredibly fast, but it's excruciatingly painful. My biggest weakness is probably my pig-headedness. If someone I don't like wants something, I'll go to the ends of the earth to stop them from getting it - even if it's completely impractical. I am also far too blunt; ask me to fight my way through an army, I'm fine, but ask me to navigate political waters? No
Roleplaying Rules:
- Good grammar
- 4+ sentences
- No *he grinned* hello *he chuckled* please, use story formatting
- Third person point of view
- Try to have a reason or backstory for any powers
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