Evangeline Aleron

《 Immortal being 》

"What is true by lamplight, is not always true by sunlight"

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I apologize in advance for the length of my backstory

Name: Evangeline Ivy Aleron
Nicknames/Alias: Eva
Age: 545
Race: Vampire
Aesthetic Age: 22
Sexual Preference: Straight
Deformities: Various scars litter her body, such as a lanky one on her forearm and various ~small~ scars that littered her eyebrows, hair declining to grow there anymore. They all hold stories, some of them telling tales of defeat and torture, others telling tales of success and achievement, but the most prominent - and most important - scar(s) is located on her neck. Two fang-shaped holes that represent the day she was turned.
Strengths: Physical combat, she’s clever, her wisdom, perseverant/resilient, resourceful, risk-taker. She is Loyal to any companion who gains her trust. She’s rather logical, but this could be the downfall of her for she takes everything seriously.
Magical Strengths: Charms, DADA, history of magic ( She’s lived through a lot of it ), Ancient Runes
Weaknesses: Long range weapons such as a bow or crossbow, shows little emotion, distrustful, reserved, slow to open up to others. Not usually courteous, nurturing or sympathetic. Highly sensitive to criticisms.
Magical weaknesses: Potions, transfiguration, COMC, Astronomy and herbology, Divination.

Fears: People treating her differently when they find out what she really is. Failing, losing the few people she holds dear, Vampire hunters, /garlic/, the fear of others figuring out she's a half-blood and not taking her as seriously

Pet Peeve: 5 year olds who choose to rp with her, or people who spell and write like 5 year olds who choose to rp with her.

Siblings:Elizabeth Anne Aleron. She and Eva weren’t very close. Eva was the adventurous one who absolutely despised being in those stupid corsets and fancy dresses, while she was the obedient, stay-at-home one who looked forward to looking her best with her - skinny waist- and all. She was older than Eva by 3 years, and was ‘the perfect child’. She did everything she was told, never hurting as much as a fly. Eva guesses that she misses her now that she’s gone, for she was a simple muggle, and died of old age long ago.

Parents: My mother, Mary-Anne Aleron was just like my sister, a muggle. She possessed no magical power, which is probably a good thing for otherwise she would have surely been hanged for being a witch. My father on the other hand, Lollard Aleron had magic flowing through his veins. He failed to tell my mother about this until she had already bore two children, and worried that one of us carried this magical gene. I guess I was the lucky one, for we soon found out I was a witch. My father taught me how to keep my temper and emotions in control, for it would surely mean death for me if anyone saw how I made plates fly whenever I was angry.

Hobbies: She enjoys singing, it’s something that no matter what year she’s in, she won’t get in trouble for. She likes to duel, but she /has/ spent some time in prison for accidentally killing someone… ( It was a normal prison, for Azkaban had not been created at the time of the incident ). She loves to create things, may that be whittling, potions, stories, or even wands. She is rather skilled at extracting wand cores from their owners, and has created various types of wands.
Romantic life: Her heart has belonged to many lovers throughout the years, but no man enchants her at the moment
Appearance: Originally, her hair was a delightful champagne blonde, but despite many backfired spells and how long she’s been living, her hair now sports a silvery shade. Her deep set eyes are like two pools of mercury, and compliment her hair nicely. They also seem to glow in the dark, and she usually has a predatory gaze. She is extremely pale, and her medium-length hair is usually worn in a practical style. She likes to get it out of her face, but she still refuses to cut it. She has a voluptuous build due to years of corset-wearing, yet she is still relatively lean. She doesn’t suffer from most vampiric disabilities, such as she /can/ go into the sun without dying, silver doesn’t do much damage to her, yet garlic is still scary and dangerous. Becoming a vampire includes receiving super-human strength, turning into a bat, and *one* unique power. Her power is that she can transfer her mind to the body of another. She smells faintly of Lavender , and subsists on any type of blood, be in human or animal.
Fashion Sense/style: Her outfits vary on what she plans on doing that day. She will dress as a mercenary with plates adorning her chest, legs and arms, chainmail glinting out at you at her joints ( elbows, shoulders, wrist, ex. ) when she plans on fighting. An adventurer, various pouches and bags slung around her waist along with a sheath, her black cloak tied gingerly around her neck when she goes out to search for dinner, or just to simply explore. And of course, there are times when she dresses as a noble. She has many dresses from different centuries, many of them a soft gold. She wears those when she wishes to impress someone, or just for fun.
Personality: As stated above, Eva was trained to basically be emotionless. She is rather reserved, for she doesn’t want to get too attached to someone. However if someone manages to break down her emotional barriers, they’ll find she is extremely loyal and pleasant to be around. She is clever, wise, and rather intelligent. If she wasn’t, her life would’ve probably ended quite awhile ago. She is serious and logical, meaning she doesn’t always take things well, ex. A joke. Eva is highly sensitive to criticism, for she likes herself the way she is and sees no reason to change anything.

History: Evangeline I. Aleron was born in the king's palace - England - late one snowy night, 1472. Her mother was a lady in waiting for the queen, who was a good friend of the family. She allowed Mary-Ann’s husband to house with her at the castle, and even let her give birth twice in one of the many brass bathtubs the castle had. Luckily, both the child and the mother survived, each time which was somewhat of a miracle when you note the year.

Eva was a pampered child, considering she grew up in the royal palace and all. She wore elaborate dresses everyday, and barely had any chores to do, meanwhile her mother tended happily to the queen and her father was the royal blacksmith, appointed by yet again, the queen. Eva and Beth explored the castle passionately, finding secret passageways and making up games, occasionally raiding their mother's closet and trying on every piece of jewelry she owned. Those were good times when Eva didn't really have to worry about anything. Those were the times she wish she could go back to.

It was her teens that everything started to fall apart. Beth had reached courting age, and men began traveling to the castle just to do exactly that. She began wearing corsets and cared more about attending balls and dinners than spending time with Eva. Her parents worked all day, and Beth was busy, so Eva had no one to look after her - to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble. Due to this, Eva began causing more and more mischief, meaning that she also got scolded more and more. On top of all of this, Lollard - her father - admitted to his wife and children that he was a wizard, hinting that Beth or Eva carried magic in their veins. Eva must've been the 'lucky' one, for during one of those scoldings, she caused 3 china dishes to fly across the room, breaking almost instantly on the wall.

Her father trained her to suppress her emotions, so another emotional outburst like the plates wouldn't happen again. If anyone walked in as she was practicing magic, purposefully or incidentally, she would surely be executed. People hated any sign of witchcraft these days. At the time, Eva and her father did not know how to harness their powers via wand, and knew nearly nothing about magic in general, so they couldn't do much else than make sure nothing suspicious happened in the midst of others.
Beth eventually married a rich aristocrat and moved out, leaving Eva alone once again. Her parents were now relatively old and so was the queen. Their lives were coming to an end, and all knew it. Due to this, there now was a sudden urgency to get Eva out of the house, Aka, find a husband of her own. She was of courting age - 18 years old now - but was not looking forward to marrying. She enjoyed doing whatever she wanted, and definitely did not like the idea of doing all of her husband's bidding.
None of the men who wished on courting her struck her fancy, and the sense of urgency grew as the years passed. Her parents were relatively loose about rules and such. Usually parents made arranged marriages for their children but they were far too old to do that now. Instead, they set an Ultimatum. Respecting her parents wishes, she searched for a soulmate diligently.At 22 (1494), Samuel McNair entered her life. He happened to be a traveling merchant, and stopped her in the street one day. He was devilishly handsome, his electric blue eyes almost hypnotizing. Evangeline fell for him almost instantly. They grew closer and closer, Sam refusing to leave her side. Eventually, the duo married. Her parents were happy to finally see her go, and as a wedding gift, they gave her most of her mother’s jewels and dresses.

Eva was happy once again with her new hubby, but began noticing odd occurrences. Sam Rarely slept, refused to see, touch, or even smell garlic, and never seemed to touch his dinner. She questioned him about these a few times, but he would simply wave her hand at her distractedly, not answering. Soon, Sam gave in. He explained how he was an immortal creature called a ‘Vampire’. They needed only blood to survive, and were beings of the undead. He explained to her how one becomes a Vampire, and she foolishly asked him to turn her. He was reluctant at first, but then realized that if they were both immortal the could spend eternity with together.
The pain was excruciating, and Eva regretted ever asking him about what he was. She screamed and writhed in pain, desperately wishing that this experience would end. She could feel power coursing through her veins along with her magic, and in an odd sense she could also feel her teeth extending, cutting the inside of her lips. She was terrified that she might die. Fortunately, it ended as quickly as it had occurred, and Samuel comforted her afterwards.

They lived in a nice cottage in the woods, easy for late night snacking. 80 years past, and almost everyone Eva had known was now dead, along with the fact that Eva was now in the double digits. 102 years old, she realized that she shouldn't just waste her life hunting down food and carrying on as normal. She should explore! What has she got to loose? Her soul mate was right there next to her the whole time, and her parents and friends were gone now anyways.

Acting on a whim, the duo began traveling the world. I won't go into details, you're gonna have to figure those out for yourself. Eventually, they heard word that these magical twigs called 'wands' had been created, something for wizards to safely use their magic in a more focused way. Sam was all for it, and they made that their new goal - get a wand for Eva. Along the way, they befriended many more magical beings, including a werewolf - who later turned evil - another wizard named Julian Aberrom, and an enchanting male centaur who went by the name of Oados.

Eventually, they figured out where the magical alley, 'Diagon alley' to be exact, was located. It was relatively new at the time, and Eva was positively thrilled to find more people who were like her. There they got her a nice, ebony wand, with a dragon heartstring corse, 12 1/2" and supple flexibility. It was then that she was intrigued with wand making. While they were there, they picked up the few charms books that the bookstore had, and continued on. It was a great experience for the both of them.

Eva was now about 317 years of age, and Sam was 523. Eva had been studying the books, and managed to shoot various spells from the tip of her wand. They settled down once again, taking up yet again a small cottage in the woods. Their werewolf friend visited often, and Sam and him would always go out hunting together at night.

One fateful night, Sam did not return home. Eva brushed it off, telling herself they were simply taking their time. However, neither of them returned for days on end. Eva searched the forest feverishly for her husband, calling out his name. She didn't drink for days on end as she searched, her eyes taking up a bloodshot-look. Eventually, the vampiress found her husband. He lay limply in the middle of a shaded clearing, bite marks and claw marks littering his body. His clothes were torn, and one could obviously tell that he had been attacked by a werewolf.

Eva mourned for years, sobbing uncontrollably each time she looked at the yearn which now held Sam's remains. It was tough times, she didn't bother to hunt as much and she was growing bony. Her cheeks were hollowed and her eyes looked sunken in. She now had an abnormally eerie physique. What really helped her get over her loss, was singing and wand making. She was becoming quite the pro at creating elaborate wands, yet she had no cores to fill them. She decided to make that her new goal, she had to at least do something with her life.

Traveling across the seas collecting dragon heartstrings, unicorn and thestral tail hair, phoenix feathers, and vela hair, Eva made quite the name for herself as a wand maker. Her creations were always extremely detailed, but they weren't always the most dependent. Her business soon puttered off, most witches and wizards went to Ollivanders instead. Thats when she heard of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

And that takes us to where Eva is in her life now. She completed her studies at Hogwarts 2 years ago, became an Auror, and has been working for the ministry ever since. Being an Auror could in a word, be the perfect job for her. It includes adventure almost daily, you get to track down criminals and put them in Azkaban, and you even get a good duel in every now and then. She is collegues with Thomas Lloyd, and has become rather fond of him. She is also acquaintanced with Amira Lestrange -another vampire-, Cassandra Van Helsing -A vampire hunter-, Aurora Slytherin-Braith, but other than that she isn't very close to anyone at the moment.

Her history is obviously abnormally long due to her age, and I left out a lot of details on purpose. The rest of her story you can figure out on your own, all you have to do is ask her. She’d gladly tell you, that is if you gain her trust. You could ask about one of her various scars, or about some of the adventures she had with Sam. It’s up to you!
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