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Name: Kaci Grace Chance Ray
Age: Varies during roleplays, usually fourteen, fifteen, or sixteen.
Appearance: She has ginger hair with bright blue eyes and a slightly pretty heart-shaped face with freckles everywhere and a slim and short build.
Sexuality: Bisexual (prefers females)
Blood status: Pureblood.
Companion(s): A small Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Sunny, a tiny Pomchi named Diamond, and a Brittany called Ruby (who she keeps at home).
Partonus: Dachshund.
Personality: Playful, stubborn, lively, devoted, courageous, clever.
Relationship status: Single
Skills: Caring for animals, climbing, reading.
Species: Human
Wand: Oak with a phoenix feather, 11 inches, swishy.
Backstory: Kaci was born the first child of Thomas and Maya. After they had twins, she felt rather lonely but met her best friend Noah James Glover who lived near her, and they spent their childhood exploring the woods and making huts. She was delighted to get her acceptance letter the same time as Noah but drifted away when they had barely any classes together. She did used to have a crush on him but has grown out of it.
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