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Open to roleplays and conversations, just start one here or owl me and I'll get back to you with reply.

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Either comment on my wall or send me an Owl, I'm willing to start or reply to any. If you've been waiting on me for a while, a small nudge in my Owls will get me back on track!

It's come to my attention that I don't really know what to put here, I guess these are the basics three.
1. Please don't make your OCs OP, its hard to work with and doesn't make the story nice a smooth.
2. Try reply in at least three sentences minimum, I know you shouldn't try force yourself, but Its always nice to see neat and steady replies together.
3. I don't mind if your grammar isn't top class, as long as its readable and you're comfortable, I'm comfortable.
Nationality: American
Wand: 12" Elm Wood, Troll whisker.
Build: Tall and semi-broad, luckily enough meat to pull him up windows and for many years climb out of trouble.
Sexuality: Bi-curious
Summer Job: Working as a part-time Brick and Blocklayer, working the minimum wage.
Birthday: March 20th
Siblings: Carmen Coles
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Coles
Relationship status: Single.
Appearance: Usually dressed in an upkept manner, Cameron over the years has been given many dress codes. When wearing his uniform, he usually forgets where his tie or robes have gone, either borrowing a friends or not bothering at all. His hair has gone through many colours. Usually during the summer, but always neatly groomed before entering Hogwarts. Styled in a Soft Taper with Texture Cut, Its original colour is a dark brown, sometimes bearing coloured highlights. His eyes are a soft blue, at home wearing glasses but at hogwarts if he's feeling bothered usually using contacts.
Blood status: Pureblood, he comes from a family of Ravenclaws.
House: Slytherin
Patronus: Fox
Foxes are quick, intelligent and strongly ambitious. Although they are known for their cunning nature, they are very charismatic and easy to love. Possessing an incredible amount of wisdom, they have an ability to think outside of the box and act quickly during emergency situations.
Fears: Abandonment, Drowning.
Personality: Cameron is a spontaneous being, living his life the best way he can in a Wizarding world. His personality had been developed from his mischievous behaviour when going to a muggle school. He's known to be detentions frequent visitors but usually doesn't stay long.
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
Animagus: Dog
Boggart: His Aunt
Pets: Graymalkin
Distinctive features: A pitch black shorthair with orange eyes, Cameron is still unsure on what breed Graymalkin is, since he technically is a stray. The feline manages to climb into the very nooks and crannies of the campus, providing many places for Cameron to explore.
Theme song: Born to Run - American Authors
Quotes: "So it was a bad idea to jump out that window. But on the bright side, now its always going to be open in summer?"

I used to think there were only two good days at school, the first and the last. Now I believe its just the last. I come from a pureblood family of Ravenclaws with the pressure of being a model for my younger sister, I'd always been a chatty person in muggle schools and never really did what I was told. So when I received my first letter, I tried my hardest to hide it from my family to avoid the already ruled out life ahead of me. As time passed, I was abled to skip one semester although with even my best efforts to hide it, letters began to pile more vigorously in our mail until my Aunt had finally gotten hold of one. I finally realised I wouldn't be escaping my life as a Coles anytime soon.
And to seal my unwanted choices, as I had then decided from the moment I arrived on campus to follow my parents instructions, everything seemed to crumble down when I was sorted into Slytherin. It was this very moment when something in me snapped. If my parents wanted me so badly to become a wizard, I would do it by my own rules.

To be fair, morals and all, I'm still pointless here at Hogwarts, as I was in public school. No matter how many times I try to flatter teachers after misbehaving, I can tell you my reckless behaviour has improved and over the past two years I have tried to make an effort, but even the smallest things can't be covered up with a very convincing sorry. And although I don't think my mother has completely given up on my, my dad seems to be focusing on my younger sister Carmen.
I do have a calling for the arts when I take it seriously, but to be honest, I never do. My work is to be forever scribbled into desks and destined to land me another day in detention. My days at the moment are fooling around, exploring, getting told off, are a rinse and repeat system. If you're ever looking for me, I'll most likely be in the Great Hall socialising, maybe even up near the Ravenclaws stairway, where my mother says 'I'm supposed to be' or out in the yard. If you can't find me in any of these places, I'm probably still in detention, or maybe I've just broken out.
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