Adeleh Malfoy

Slytherin Seeker

"Of the houses, Slytherin remains, in my mind, the only one that combines bravery, hard work, and intelligence behind the banner of ambition." -Me

  • Joined April 2017
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


I'm a student full time, currently, and aside from schoolwork, I spend most of my time training for matches. I am the Slytherin house Seeker, and I firmly believe that the Nimbus 2001 is still the best broom ever made, whatever the critics say.
I joined the house quidditch team as a first year, and have had great success as a seeker thus far. This is because the three other three are incompetent and completely useless.
I'm half-blood with one muggle born parent and one pure blood parent.Though some may shy away from this status, it has let me experience both the muggle and wizarding worlds and has given me the power to influence both.
As to my house, I'm a Slytherin, clearly. I believe that the other houses exemplify great traits, but Slytherin is the only one that requires intelligence, hard work, and a bit of bravery to accomplish your goals and fulfill your ambitions.
My chiefest goal in life is, simply, to destroy the Daily Prophet. That obscene and untruthful paper is a friend to no one but the family gossips and the pathetically dim-witted, and as soon as I've retired from quidditch, I intend to put a permanent stop to it.

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