Winter Stone

Animagus and Student

"He who controls the Past controls the Future, he who controls the Present controls the Past" 1984 was a warning, NOT A GUID LINE

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Hello! my name's Winter Stone, I was sorted into Slytherin, i don't talk about my past so get used to it, i don't care about your past so forget about it. i like to study poisons and their affects on people and animals. i don't like questions asked about me and accidents can happen to specific people if they're not careful. about Voldemort, i don't care about him. he's just overly incentive. he should have kept the horrocruxes with him, or at least one of them. anyway, he's over rated. i'm small for my age and ridiculously fast, my curiosity is what gets me into trouble. i don't really care what i'm going to be doing after school, but i most certainly want a position of power. i hate questions so don't ask any. accidents happen. i have a pet ukrainian ironbelly dragon egg but have yet to hatch it. also, like dragons; i can lower my heart rate, breath fire sometimes and what not. i can also move through underbrush or bushes with out making a sound. it's pretty fun to scare people.

Name: Winter Anguis Stone
Age: 14
Gender: FM
Wand: 11.5' fir wood dragon heart string
Patronus: Norwegian Ridgeback
Appearance: basically my profile picture except with amber snake eyes and worn jeans and an old detroit tigers T-shirt with black sneakers on and a black and red plaid jacket tied around my waist.
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