Lysander Sparsh

Slytherin Keeper

A great person can become a great wizard, a great wizard can become a great ghost, but even a great ghost can never become Peeves.

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I'm Lysander. Plain as that. I play the keeper position on the Slytherin quidditch team, and when I'm not practicing, I'm in the common room playing exploding snap or helping Peeves prank my classmates. When I first arrived, I convinced a couple of muggle borns that if they could catch Peeves, he would sell them elevator/lift passes. Hogwarts doesn't have a lift, and Peeves wouldn't sell passes if even if there was one. As to the muggle bornes, they ended up getting a kick out of it and we became friends quickly.
I tend to be a bit of a prankster in general and I enjoy building intricate contraptions designed to make my friends laugh, the teachers shake their heads, and Filch pass out from looking at the mess...only joking! I'm told that my sense of humor is one of my finer qualities except for when I'm laughing through any death scene in every play I've ever seen. I'm not malicious, really, I just can't help it.
I might not be malicious, but I'm definitely ambitious. After I hand up the quidditch robes and retired my firebolt to a broom cupboard I intend to work for the ministry of magic. I find their security system completely useless, and in need of revision. As I'm quite good at building and design, this won't be a problem.
Until then,
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