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Name: Sage Vasilek
Gender: Male ( Transgender, FtM )
Orientation: Bisexual.
Birthday: January 26th.
Eye Color: Brunette, gold undertones.
Hair Color: Steely grey-blue.
Height: 5'7"
Skin Tone: Fair.
Nationality: American ( of Irish and Russian lineage ).

House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Pine Martin.
Blood: Muggleborn.
Wand: Alder, Phoenix Feather, 10", Slightly Springy.
Nickname(s): N/A.
Job: Works at a combination used bookstore and tea shop in Diagon Alley called Cadbury's Corner during the Summer and Winter breaks.
Significant Other: N/A at this time.
Special Abilities: None discovered at this time.

Pets: Barn Owl, named Radio.
Parents: Nikolas ( MIA ) and Roselin ( Housekeeper )
Siblings: ( All Half-Siblings on his Father's Side, have their own lives-- is the baby of the family and the only magically gifted of the group. In order from Oldest to Youngest ) Peter, Madeline, and Sierra.

Talented, but odd and not from the wealthiest of families, it came as great surprise for the Vasilek family to receive news of their youngest child's magical ability. Of course, it explained a few things-- items in the house vanishing at opportune times, locks opening on their own, the appearance of strange animals in the neighborhood -- but even Sage had honestly been baffled when the letter to Hogwarts had shown up in their apartment mailbox. The New York native comes from Old Irish witch blood, through his Great Great Grandmother, pureblooded Maggie Erldwyer; a witch who made great bounds in the fields of Herbology, and who's bloodline was thought long dead under the terror-filled times of Lord Voldemort's reign.

Since this revelation, the American wizard has been sent to live with his Aunt Coreen for the duration of his schooling, in a sleepy muggle borough called Lark's Creek outside of London-- far enough from the inner city where the sighting of a strange light or an owl wouldn't be thought too hard on. Clever, inquisitive, and stubborn, the young man has a thirst for new discoveries and ideas; although these very traits often put him in trouble, and some might consider him ' reckless '. He's creatively inclined, and has a tremendous love for photography and writing. He's quick with the blunt honesty and sass, he's also the first to offer a crooked grin and a helping hand.

He's excited to see what this new future has in store for him.

Note: Sage can and will not be playing Quidditch or riding high on a broom. He's asthmatic from years of inner city living, and while the countryside air is helping, high elevations possess a hazard for him. Also at this time, he is saving for a more PERMANENT solution to his gender issues. The potion that would allow this requires several rare ingredients and is not cheap, even if safer than muggle surgery. In the meantime, the Hogwarts Headmaster has allowed him to sleep in the Boy's Dorms, use the Boy's Lavatory, and shower after hours in the Boy's Washroom where he feels more comfortable.
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