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Hello, everyone. I'm Rose, and I'm a member of Ravenclaw House. Does anyone know what's for pudding?

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I was born on the 17th of August, of 2000. It was apparent from birth that I was a lot like my mother, since we had the same midnight-blue eyes. As I grew older, I only became more alike my mother as my ginger hair developed into long waves that soon reached my waist. I have only ever had a haircut once in my life. My hair grew back in a mere matter of days.
When I received my Hogwarts letter, my mother and father were extremely proud, though we all knew that I was a witch before my letter arrived. I accidentally set my Aunt's house on fire in a tantrum when I was two years old. Needless to say, the Ministry of Magic was not very pleased, as it could have happened anywhere.
Excitedly, we left for Diagon Alley the day after my letter came through, and the very first shop we went to was a worn down wand shop called Ollivander's. When inside, Ollivander recognized my mother and father immediately, and asked them how their wands were doing before disappearing into the vast collection of shelves that cluttered his tiny shop. Almost instantly, he returned with a long navy-blue box that was labelled "10.5" - UHC - BW" and he forced it into my hand very hurriedly. I took out the wand and held in my dominant hand as it began to glow at the tip, spreading down the wand and creating a bright-white mist around me before disappearing completely. Apparently, the wand had chosen me. I found out that the label meant that it was a Beech Wood wand with Unicorn Hair at the core. It's length is ten and a half inches, and it had vine-like twists at the thicker end of the wand that jut out by about half a centimeter. It's absolutely beautiful, and so easy to use.
Upon my arrival at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I was sorted into Ravenclaw because I'm a kind and intelligent person, and I put others before myself. The Sorting Hat's decision seemed to be almost immediate, without even a second thought or a doubt in it's ideas. While I enjoy almost all of my classes at Hogwarts, I find History of Magic the most fascinating as it helps everyone in the wizarding world to better understand the history behind our bloodlines and our existence. Also, I enjoy Astronomy, as the night sky is calming and beautiful. The relationship between one object and another in the seemingly endless stretches of outer space is particularly interesting. I'm not particularly outstanding in Potions and Dueling, although I find that I'm very good at Charms. Thankfully, I was not living in either occasions of Lord Voldemort's power because it seems that they were both very frightful and dangerous times to have lived in. However, my mother and father were very much alive in his second rise to power, and they tell me that they were taken into hiding along with the rest of the family to ensure their safety. My greatest strength is that I am kind, but it is also a major downfall to my personality, too. People can take advantage of kind people, and it takes an awful lot of strength to stand up to anyone. When I leave Hogwarts, I'm unsure of what route I would like to take, but I know I would like to have a family one day and I'd like to take pleasure in that I graduated a phenomenal school with fantastic grades. I would also like to use magic to help families that aren't as fortunate as my own, and help them to achieve their goals. I have a cat called Vesalius, and she's magnificent. She has thick, soft fur in an off-white colour with tan paws and tail. She mostly sleeps, but she's a very playful creature when she is awake. I have a younger brother, called Hugo, and he's a year younger than me. I also have a younger sister called Bella, but she's only one year old.
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