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Full Name:Daenerys(Anna) Targaryen
D.O.B and Age:20 July 2001
Blood Status:Pure blood

Wand: Cherry Dragon heart string, 10 inches, flexible
Patronus: (not yet)
Broom:nimbus 2015
Country of Origin:Romania
Magical ‘Alignment’:Good
Important Health Information:I am alergic to assholes and
evil witches.

Can your character Apparate?: Nope
Does your character have an Animagus?: Nope

Brief Biography:
I am Daenerys Taragryen, when I was 8 I was cursed
with this sleeping curse, and right now, I am feeling a little strange, I
just woke up.
It turns out I am 16 now, it's really weird, I have been dreaming about
being with my family for.. 8 years? My voice is a little weird too,it's sound
like I would be 26, not 16!
Anyway, I don't really know what happened while I was gone, when I
woke up, I saw a black-haired boy, crying with crocodile tears.
It turns out he was my brother Roland, but..how? My dream was so surreal,
it felt reality, I thought we were together, we had classes, we were at Hogwarts,
we were both ravenclaws, me, in year 6, and him, in year 5, also, Tudor, mom, dad
everybody was there.
So a ton of sweet memories were just figments of my 8 year-old self's imagination..
All thanks to that evil witch.
The last time she will put her hands on somebody, it will be the last time she will have
But until then... I think I should focus on recovering the lost time!

As I said above, I have silver hair, blue eyes, I am short(shorty short, like a midget!)
My voice is strong.. and melodic I guess.

Family Information

Father: Vaegon Targaryen
Mother: Theresa Targaryen(nee Lupu)
Brothers: Tudor and Joseph Targaryen
Other Important Family members:
Things about your family:
What I could say about my family?
I know.. I know.. you might know the name of Targaryen, but we are no royalty,
the iron trone is just a monumental thing now, my father owns a potion bussiness
back in Romania.
Although I have my great x 15 grandmother's name, I am not somebody like her,
I don't think I will discover something wonderful about dragons, but, my father said,
at least what some writings say, I inherited her silver white hair and eyes, which is rare, nobody
has had the color since she died.
Relationships with my family members:
1. Father: Well, my father is kinda nice, I think we have a pretty good father-daughter
2.Mother: She's a sassy lady when she's angry but she loves me, and I love her.
3.Tudor:Roland told me Tudor hasn't been really nice to him, I am really angry on Tudor
because of that.
4.Joseph: Hmph.. he's still sleeping, isn't he?
5.Roland: Ladies and gentlemen, he's the man, he's my first bestie and my little brother, I miss
playing hide-and-seek with him(FOR REAL), although, I hope, when I'll start at Hogwarts, we
will have classes too (FOR REAL).

School Information

Year:(still has to take some quizes so I know which year will suit me..)
House: Ravenclaw
Strengths:DADA, Transfiguration, Charms.
Weaknesses: History of Magic,Divination
Hobbies: (I.e; Quidditch, Potions Club, Astronomy, Duelling Club, S.P.E.W)
Duelling Club, hide-and-seek with Roland, hating assholes, sleeping(ugh.
have been quite good at that..), singing.

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