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To anyone observant enough to see this, HELLO!

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Time to come clean, I suppose. I was born in America to No-Maj parents. After I turned eight, it was very clear I was... different. After that, my father, a police officer, beat me for even the smallest offences, while my mother just watched. I killed them in a magical accident when I was ten. I was found on the street by a witch named Riley Obetz, a Death Eater.

My true mother taught me all she knew of magic, and later enrolled me in Ilvermorny. I was sorted into the Pukwudgie house, but at the beginning, I had no interest in healing. I spent all my time learning Defence Against the Dark Arts. At my third year, I realized I wasn't truly playing to my strengths. I began studying Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, and Herbology.

On my sixth year, I transferred to Hogwarts. The original reason I transferred was because I was told to bring down their defences from the inside, to prep for the invasion. I don't live in a dorm, as my strange behaviors and potentially dangerous potions could've given me away. I convinced the headmaster to let me live in a tent in the forest, where I believe the Acromandla used to live.

After another year in hiding, I befriended people I didn't think possible. There were two people in particular that I was very, very fond of. One James Carsdale, and Karma Crowe. I am one of the few people who know Karma's real identity, and the one who helped him remember it. I left the school, leaving behind my book of potions to Faye Chuchoter, a half-fairy, and a special gift to Karma. I left behind my life as a Death Eater, to actually help people.

One day, me, Karma, and Faye were approached by a woman named Mimi Panza. She told us her story, and we listened. Mimi was being haunted by some sort of Dreamwalker, which we managed to temporarily banish. Just as well, turns out there was a doppelganger running around, pretending to be me while I was gone! It turned out to be one Barty Crouch Junior, who was summarily dealt with. Perhaps you heard of his gruesome murder in the papers? After this, I was found by Aurors, who tried to take something of mine. The gift I had already given to Karma. They didn't take no for an answer, so I spread their ashes across the Forbidden Forest. The last life I took for quite a while.

I joined the Order of the Phoenix, a few weeks before the Potter boy did. I fought along side them, trusting them. Becoming friends with them. Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin, especially. Sadly, during the Battle of Hogwarts, they were both murdered. After the battle, I decided to stay behind at the school, to help with rebuilding. I spent most of my time in the infirmary, or creating potions to help with the healing. After the rebuilding and aftermath was almost done, I moved into a small hut on the outskirts of Hogsmeade, where I reside to this day, doing odd jobs around the town. I have an irregular heartbeat, which very strangely doesn't impede me from daily tasks. I will not tell you the nature of it, not even under the Imperius Curse. But you are very welcome to try it.

Age She Tells Everyone: Twenty-three

Appearance: My hair is naturally blonde, the color of gold. My eyes are a piercing bright pink. I know, weird, but I don't use colored contacts, and I'm not a metamorphagus. I look younger than most would think for my age, I like to think I look around sixteen or seventeen. I'm not a sports fanatic, but I am capable of running at least a mile and lifting 100 pounds without breaking a sweat. Genes, and all that jazz is going for me. I'm a bit compact, pretty short for my age, around four foot nine, but still pretty muscular if you look at me. Anything more you'll have to ask me in private.

Accent: A thick French one, which I believe to be quite alluring.

Wand: Ebony wood, twelve inches, unyielding flexibility, and a thestral tail hair core.

Patronus: Which one? I have two. A volcano rabbit, and a fox.
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