Jocelyn Wetherbrook

Professional K, Vampire Hunter

***NOTE: This character is NOT Alexander Hamilton in any roleplays; He is only named after him.***

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--Short Backstory--
Considering how I didn't enjoy life at home, I decided It'd be best if I left it and did my own thing. I'm 23, male, 5'11, and a full-time Vampire Hunter. I lived with my family for 16 years (They didn't really like me though.) and moved in with my friend Kat the day I turned 17. Also, I'm transgender (Female to Male), but haven't changed my name yet, and don't plan on doing so. I met a timetraveller around this age too, and we became friends sort-of. I haven't seen him in years, though. So now, I live with my friend Kat and my "Kitsune" (That's what she says she is, I think she's just a furry.) Midori.

--Basic Information--

Age: 23
Gender: Transgender Male

Muggle-born Wizard
Patronus: Reindeer
Wand: Hornbeam Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
House: Ravenclaw

((wand details:Your wand is made from Hornbeam, with a core of Dragon Heartstring. It's a powerful implement that bonds to its first user, taking on their moral code as well as being useless in the hands of anyone else. This is a wand for someone who knows themselves very well.Its sentience is obvious to anyone that handles it, particularly the witch or wizard that it makes a life connection with. While this could be used for evil, it seems more likely to be used for good.))
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