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Well now, my roleplaying is out of control!

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Hi! I'm Alder Niis, a first year Hufflepuff! I'm an American, but Hogwarts offered scholarship and Ilvermorny didn't... Sorry Ilvermorny~ Anyhoo, I'm a no-maj-born, or I suppose muggle-born, witch. My personal interests include music and art, as well as science. My parents are both involved with science, my mom a botanist and my dad a chemistry instructor, so it's natural I guess. The classes I am looking forward to most are Potions, Herbology, and Transfiguration, in that order. It's a little early to be thinking about careers, but I really think that potioneering is very interesting. My wand is rowan wood, 12" with unicorn hair, unbending. If ya wanted to know that. I actually know a Rowan. Very odd fellow, Ro~ Awk-ward. Well! If you haven't noticed, I'm very friendly, and a little flighty. I'm 4'9" (about 145 cm), have long brown curly hair, and have green eyes. I haven't figured out the patronus charm, but a very reputable seer in Washington State, where I live, told me my patronus is a runespoor! Which is super rare! Apparantly...
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