Philip Hamilton

Struggling Student

I like Hamilton, Doctor Who, RPing, and other things.Basically, I'm not throwing away my shot.

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My family is a like a mixed-up, err what's the muggle toy where you spin the sides? A Rubbish Cube? Anyway, my Father was a wizard and my father was a witch. My older brother Alexander was sorted into Gryffindor, my younger sister Elizabeth was sorted into Hufflepuff this year. My favorite class is Transfiguration, but my second favorite is Defense Against the Dark Arts. When I grow up I hope to be an Auror. By the way, it is okay if I leave my Kneazle, Tutankhamen in the dorm room? My patronus is a Siberian Cat, and I'm secretly an Animagus. I won't tell you the animal, I'll just tell you how ironic it is that my patronus is the polar opposite of my animal form. BTW not a dog. I'm also the editor of Hairy Snout, Human Heart in the Library. A dear friend of my father's gave it to him, except he isn't the best at grammar . . . or spelling. Also, if we happen to be in a RP and you're my enemy, just summon a grindylow. I'll have a heart attack and die of fright.
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